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Finally I have got round to sorting out a home for all my Scavenger Hunts posts. Below you can find a list of the locations I have achieved so far along with a link to the corresponding post.

The Scavenger Hunt was originally inspired by the Voyeurweb Scavenger Hunt, and hosted by SapioSlut before spending many years being run by Curvaceous Dee. It has now moved home again and is currently in the custody of Pieces of Jade. If you head over to her site you can find a truly extensive and well-managed list of all the people who have joined in so far, all the locations that have been completed by at least one person, along with links to those posts and a list of suggested locations that have yet to be done by anyone..

The concept of the Scavenger Hunt is to find as many locations as possible in which to flash a bit of sexy flesh and indulge your exhibitionist streak. You don’t have to be naked just inappropriately exposed, in fact I have found the ‘sly flash’ to often be the most fun and result in some of the best images. I love Scavenger Hunting; I love the community that has built up around it, the constant quest to find new and challenging locations and the hilarious and sexy fun we have together when completing a Scavenger Hunt mission. Oh and I have discovered that I have a real dare-devil streak when it comes to getting naked in public and that in general people really are terribly unobservant of what is going on right underneath their nose.

pic circus4wm

So here is the list so far, if you have suggestions for future locations do let me know and if any of the ones I have done so far really stand out for you, do leave me a comment. I am a comment whore after all 😉

  1. Car Dealership/Showroom – Luckily I had help for this one – A Real Range Rover
  2. Locker Room – Just one perfect shot when the locker room happened to be empty – Locker Room Talk
  3. Pokemon Go – Once my phone stopped being daft we finally manage it – Gotta Catch Em All
  4. Scenic Lookout – My second joint Scavenger hunt with Rebel’s Notes – Out on the Edge
  5. Library – And you can find more than just cookery books in my section of the library – Cooking the Books
  6. Wreck/Ruins – Sometimes you find something perfect when you least expect it – Two Pints of Lager and Packet of Crisps
  7. Fire Hydrant – The perfect holiday snaps – In Case of Emergency
  8. Beach Huts – Brighton Seafront provides the perfect spot – Scavenger Hut
  9. My Name – In which I find the perfect bench – Molly’s Bench
  10. Swimming Pool – A 2 for 1 post featuring two water locations – Water Baby
  11. Water Park – A 2 for 1 post featuring two water locations – Water Baby
  12. Road – The perfect Scavenger hunt dress yet again excels itself – On the road again
  13. Lighthouse – In which London unexpectedly provides the perfect opportunity – To the Lighthouse
  14. Gym – Working out with a flash – Gymslip
  15. Pedestrian Crossing – How to cross the road Scavenger hunt style – Look Both Ways
  16. Public Christmas Decorations/Tree – part of Christmas Advent Calender ABC – T is for Tree
  17. Cemetery/Graveyard – Defying death by exposing life – Waking the Dead
  18. Picnic Site – A picnic lunch without any food – Picnic Lunch
  19. Graffiti – Day 6 and a selection of different Graffiti because I couldn’t pick a favourite – Painted Words
  20. Lock Gates – Day 5: Enjoying the canal ways of Britain – Lock me up
  21. Prison – Day 4: Taken at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia – The Prisoner
  22. Life Bouy –  Day 3: Acting as a lifesaver – Lifesaver
  23. Nature Reserve –  Day 2: Laying in the reed beds showing of my nature – Unreserved
  24. Fire Station – Day 1 of Scavenger Hunt week: Fire Station Win! – We Didn’t Start the Fire
  25. Real Estate Sign – Want to buy my real estate? – Location, Location, Location
  26. Sporting Field – My moments of World Cup Glory – The Beautiful Game
  27. Escalators – On my way up – Stairway to Heaven
  28. Farm – My 50th Scavenger Hunt post on hay bales – A Roll in the Hay
  29. Train Tracks – A joint Scavenger Hunt with Rebel’s Notes – The Wrong Side of the Tracks
  30. Bench (public) – Tartan Sock and panties and a offer of help – Bench Mark
  31. Livestock – A chance detour and I stumbled across this lovely cows – Animal Farm
  32. Bike Rack – A summers evening afforded a perfect opportunity – Rack em up!
  33. Earthmoving equipment – A chance encounter with big machinery – Can you dig it?
  34. Postbox – Summer weather, giggles and the perfect quiet location – Please Mr. Postman
  35. Tattoo shop – Ink and boobs in Philadelphia – Inked Flash
  36. Underwater – My thoughts on nudity and the simple pleasure of swimming naked – In The Buff
  37. Street Light – The one where I got very naked due to wine consumption – A Street Light Named Desire
  38. Sexshop – Philadelphia provided the perfect location for this one – Sexploratorium
  39. Delivery Van – Sir was  very pleased with his bit of premium British meat – Premium Meat
  40. Tree – A selfie I took whilst out walking – A Fairytale Land
  41. Quay/Jetty – Taken on holiday in Greece – Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
  42. Roundabout – Finally managed to get this one! Round We Go!
  43. Cash Point (ATM) – Central London stockings and suspenders – Cashing Out
  44. Beach – In the English summertime! – Life’s A Beach
  45. Caves – The notorious Hell Fire Club – Hell Fire
  46. Level Crossing – And the boobage alarm. Level With Me
  47. Stairs – Eroticon 2012 was the venue for this one. Speak Easy!
  48. Gate – With added bondage – Gateway To Freedom
  49. Golf Course – This was also bloody freezing. A Hole In One
  50. Stream – The water was colder than it looks. Water Nymph
  51. Rocks – I am even prepared to FREEZE for this meme. On The Rocks
  52. Petrol Pump – More evidence of how unobservant people are. Fill me up
  53. Castle – People sitting right next to me totally oblivious to what was going on. Storming The Castle
  54. Church – A lucky location discovery that led to a very cool image. Like A Prayer
  55. Construction Site – Best thing about summer is less clothes make for easier Scavenger Hunting. Under Construction
  56. Car Park – Please pay and display; which is exactly what I did. Paid and Displayed
  57. Pipe – A storm drain on the beach. Drained
  58. Balcony – I was definitely spotted doing this one. Morning Stretch
  59. Fishing Nets – On the harbour in Greece. Catch Of The Day
  60. Bridge – Summer walks in the country work well too. Unabridged
  61. Elevator – Edinburgh was the location for this one. Elevated
  62. Footpath – With unsuspecting walking in view. Walk On The Wild Side
  63. Field – Images I am truly very proud of. Outstanding In My Field
  64. Alley – Caught in the act. Alley Cat
  65. Historical Building – Cold & dark and deliciously naughty. The Towering Inferno
  66. Telephone Box – An iconic British red telephone box. Ring My Bell
  67. Train Station – As not as deserted as I would have liked. Trained To Serve
  68. Car Bonnet – This one is all about the colour red. Red Hot
  69. Fountain – Trafalgar Square, probably one of the most famous fountains in the world. The Fountain
  70. Monument – Without a doubt one of my most epic set of images. A Day At The Circus
  71. Roof – Completely naked and holding the moon in my hand Dancing In The Moonlight
  72. Hardware Store – The joys of a very short skirt S’more Porn
  73. Bus Stop – I am fairly sure the man across the road got a good look. The Naughty Corner
  74. Park – One of the few I did completely on my own and the resulting images are some I am VERY proud of If you go down to the woods today
  75. Supermarket – We so nearly got caught doing this one Tesco
  76. Hotel – With bruised bottom  Paris (Part 5) The Hotel Lobby
  77. Train – I think the title says it all for this one Fucktoy On The Eurostar

Legs poking up out of towel bin at the gym

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  • KaziG

    Brilliant! I had done a “put ’em all together'” post when I hit 50, thought I’d do a page when I hit 100 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Robbie

    You have the most adorable pussy Molly but can guys join in scavenger hunt. I like to get my kit of out doors and be photographed.

    • mollyskiss

      Check out the page on Curvaceous Dee’s blog explaining how you can join in and yes it is guys and girls!


  • Jade

    A very well done gathering page for all of them! I have one as well, though I like your bit of explanation on each one. I may have to redo mine. 😉

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