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31st March 2011

I do love a challenge and I do love taking photographs and I really love being naughty, so when I discovered The Scavenger Hunt  I was determined to join in, however, taking picture of yourself naked in the comfort of your own home or even your own garden is one thing but out in public you really do need some help. After all setting up the tripod in the middle of car park and flashing you naughty bits is probably not the best idea and so this is one challenge that can only progress when Sir is with me.

So far we have managed the Hotel Lobby and the Euro Star train to Paris but this visit we managed to add another to the list; my local supermarket. Who could have thought that a trip to Tesco could be so much naughty fun?

I dressed with the picture in mind, hold up stockings, no panties and a dress that could be easily lifted and off we set. The dressing up, showing Him and discussing how we planned to go about it had already made me wet. The thought of lifting my skirt in public for Him turned me on but couple that with the risk of maybe someone else getting a peak too and it all made for a very horny Molly.

Luckily Tesco was not too busy, but it wasn’t exactly deserted either, however, we had come to do some genuine shopping as well as take pictures and so we grabbed a trolley and set off to track down the things on our list. Now I am not a big shopper, in fact I have been compared to a woman on a mission, the mission being; get in the shop, complete the list and leave the shop AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, but shopping with Sir is different.  He likes to take a slower pace, he likes to have a wander and see what is available and he likes to have fun.

For a while I thought he had forgotten about the photographs as we made our way round the many aisles but I was wrong, all he was doing was making me wait until I was nearly hopping around with frustration. It was the clothes department that finally gave us the moment of seclusion we required and a perfect little spot for me to sit and spread my legs for Him. We only managed one shot before we were disturbed but I think on this occasion one shot is all that was needed.

Flashing pussy in tesco


PS… As this is my 3rd contribution to the Scavenger Hunt I can now proudly display the Silver Award, if you click on it, it will take you to the home of The Scavenger Hunt and you can who else is being naughty in public as well as me…..and if your brave enough then why don’t you join in?


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  • Clive

    LOL what a delightfully naughty game! And you deserve every bit of that Silver Molly xxx

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Hooray! Welcome to the land of silver – that’s a great pic, and I love that there are more people getting involved in the scavenger hunt now!

    xx Dee

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you Dee…. I am thinking of starting my own page dedicated to it with a list of possible places to achieve and maybe ask readers to make there own suggestions


  • SapioSlut

    Love the pic Molly!!

    Congratz on the Silver. We will have a chance to update the page later today.

    What else would you like to see listed?

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you very much….

      How about a DIY store, a restaurant and a bus but I shall ask Sir as I am sure he will have some suggestions.


  • V

    Molls my love, there is no one I know who has be courage than you… and on a naughtiness scale… hehe 😉 I’m taking notes girl 😛


  • ddd

    Shiver my silver! Molly, this is fucking fantastic. I’m almost afraid to check in to this scavenger hunt thing. One more thing to distract me from getting any work done:-)

  • ddd

    Um. Shiver ME silver. Duh…

  • Oskar

    … and with this post I am suddenly going to be paying a whole lot more attention next time I go to the supermarket.

    • mollyskiss

      LOL…shopping will never be the same again

  • Modesty Ablaze

    I have only just discovered this from your “Random Kisses” link. So I’m very late to joining in, but such a wonderful challenge!!!

  • severin

    I do love this picture. It is fun, dressing to go out, knowing that you’re going to do something naughty in a vanilla setting. A great picture, thank you.
    Sev xx

  • HansHB

    Awesome! Very sexy!

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