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Welcome to the new home of Every Damn Day in June and meme that run for the whole of June and aims to get you posting, as the title says, every damn day in the month of June, or at least as many of the every damn days as you can manage.

Now for some context for those that don’t know. Every Damn Day in June was started in 2019 by Hyacinth Jones on her blog A Dissolute Life Means… It ran there in 2020 as well but this year she has taken a bit of blogging hiatus and whilst she had planned to pick things back up in June she has decided she is not ready for that and so asked me if I would play host. Obviously the answer was yes and so here we are.

The aim of EDDIJ is to encourage you to post something on your blog every damn day for the whole month or at least as often as possible. As long as you post at least once a week during June then feel free to link into the meme.

The Rules

  • Ideally you must publish a post every day but as long as you post at least once every week during the month of June then feel free to join in.
  • Your post can be absolutely anything: Image, poetry, fiction, first hand experiences, thought pieces etc
  • No images or words depicting illegal activates including rape (unless part of consensual non consent) drug taking, bestiality, pedophilia or any sexual acts with a minor.
  • Please use appropriate content warnings/trigger warnings in your post if you are writing about a subject that warrants it. If in doubt then I would always say use them rather than don’t.
  • Every Damn Day in June is for sex, kink, body etc positive content. If you are writing posts that are misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, whorephobic, etc. or are essentially pick up artist tips, then your blog is not sex positive and I will remove your blog from the linky tool.
  • I reserve the right to remove any links to posts or comments that I deem unacceptable and ban anyone from Every Damn Day in June at my discretion.
  • You must be 18 years of age or over.
  • No password protected posts
  • You can totally link into other memes alongside Every Damn Day in June.
  • Follow the instructions below on how to create a link to a category page on your blog to post in the link tool below
  • If you wish to add your link below then you will need to display the Every Damn Day in June badge (which you can find code for below) on every post with a link back to this page.
  • Tweet, promote, tell your friends about it as much as you can and lastly but by no means least please don’t forget to visit some of the other people who are joining in and leave them some comment love.

How to create a category link for this page

  • Create a new category on your blog. Call it whatever you like but I suggest something like EveryDamnDayinJune2022 (for those joining in again this year you will need to make sure it distinguishes from last years, hence adding the year)
  • Create your first Every Damn Day in June post and make sure you tag it with your new category (Please include the badge if you are going to link in. Publish your first post.
  • Go to your blog and select the new category. This will generate a category page. It is this url that you want to post in the linky tool below. Every time you add a post to the category it will automatically be added to that page on your site and so you will only need to put your link in here once. (Example of how the link to my page looked last year https://mollysdailykiss.com/category/every-damn-day-in-june-2021/)
  • Enter said link into the linky tool below
  • If you need help with any of the above contact me!
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