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Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019

Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 badge

And here we are, the last list of this decade; The Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 list.

If you have not read the housekeeping post from yesterday please do so, New Voices and other bits, as it contains important information and thoughts about the list as well as the New Voices Awards. It might also answer any questions you have about the list (especially if you want to know why you are not on it) and most importantly of all a very big thank you to my amazing sponsors Chaturbate.

Also let’s not forget the past winners of this list who are: Sinclair SexSmith (2008) Coquitten (blog no longer available. 2009) (No #1 winner in 2010) Guy New York (2011) Molly’s Daily Kiss (2012) Lady Pandorah (Blog no longer open. 2013) Girl on the Net (2014) A Dissolute Life Means… (2015) Domme Chronicles (2016) Kayla Lords: A Sexual Being (2017) Rebel’s Notes (2018)

1. Floss Does Life

Floss came second on the list last year and missed out on the top spot by .25 of a point to Rebel. I have no idea if that spurred her on to double her efforts or not but I totally feel like that is what she has done. Her blog design is simple but beautiful. It is easy to navigate and constantly feeds you new content to keep you clicking from one thing to another and all that houses exceptionally written work. She covers a multitude of different topics. Her writing is raw and honest and her pictures her beautiful and her fiction is some of the best sex writing around. She is also now the co-host of the Food for Thought meme which she took over with May More and has done a brilliant job of turning it into a thriving community project. She absolutely deserves the number one spot this year.

Follow her on Twitter: @_floss_84

2. Sex Matters

May was umber 8 in the list last year and I knew before I even started scoring that she going to do well because she has definitely continue to grow and blossom as a sex blogger this year. Her site houses amazing erotic fiction, beautiful imaginary and frank honest talk of sex, relationship and other related topics. She is a hugely supportive member of the blogging community, regularly pimping out other peoples work and offering advice and wisdom and along side Floss she has taken over the Food for Though meme and together they have reignited it.

Follow her on Twitter: @May_Matters

3. On Queer Street

Last year Quinn was number 20 on the list and at the time I had a feeling she was one to watch for the future and I was bang on about that. In many ways she is still fairly new to sex blogging and yet she definitely deserves this spot on the list this year. Her blog is well laid out, you can find your way around easily and it is stuffed full of excellent and diverse writing and some very hot audio porn as well.

Follow her on Twitter: @OnQueerStreet

4. Poly. Land

I will happily admit that I have a read a LOT of this blog over the course of this year. Firstly they produce a lot of content, a post everyday in fact which any blogger will know is a huge feat in a of it’s self but when that content is consistently well written, thoughtful, inspiring, educational and interesting that makes it even more impressive.

Follow her on Twitter: @polydotland

5. Brigit Delaney

Brigit is a new entry into the top 10 this year but I am not surprised to see her scoring so highly. Her blog design is sleek and professional and her writing is consistently excellent both when it comes to fiction and non-fiction. This year in particular she has written a series of very raw and honest posts around the subject of jealousy and potentially opening her marriage. On top of that she also runs the successful Erotic Journal Challenge

Follow her on Twitter:@BrigitWrites

6. Girly Juice

I feel like Kate has firmly made herself at home here in the top ten with her brilliant blog and I am delighted to read that she has just announced that she is writing a book because damn can write and she deserves to have that widely recognized.

Follow her on Twitter: @girly_juice

7. Temperatures Rising

A bit like Girly Juice Mrs Fever has definitely made a place for herself here in the top 10. This will be her 4th year in a row of being featured here and that is because she consistently produces quality sex writing that informs, entertains and excites.

Follow her on Twitter: N/A

8. Mx Nillin

I had a feeling last year that if Nillin continued to grow and flourish as a blogger they would potentially end up in the top 10 at some point and I was absolutely right about that. Their writing is thoughtful, creative and honest as they explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences around sex and relationships and their images are playful and sexy and it has been a delight to see them evolve as a blogger.

Follow them on Twitter: @MxNillin

9. Ms Eve Adler

I am not surprised to see Eve pushing into the top 10 of the list after placing 13 in last years list. Her blog is full of candid writing around the subjects of disability, illness, sex work and sexuality. She is a talented writer and skillful writer and her blog is beautiful put together and presented.

Follow her on Twitter: @mseveadler

10. Not So Sex in the City

NSSITC has appeared twice before in the top 10 and I am delighted to see her return again this year. She has a writing style that I really enjoy. Her posts her often laugh out loud funny but also sometimes painful and sad. There is rawness to her writing that I find really compelling and I often thought she is one of the blogger who if she wrote a book I would totally buy it no matter what it was about.

Follow her on Twitter:@notsosexintheci


11 Naked Wanderings NakedWanderings
12 Tabitha Rayne TabithaErotica
13 Focused and Filthy
14 Cara Sutra thecarasutra
15 My Controlled Ascent kisungura
16 Kelvin Sparks kelvinsparks_
17 The Beautiful Kind Kendra Holiday
18 Submissy  5ubmissy
19 Coffee and Kink coffeeandkink
20 Climaximaal.nl electricluna
21 Hey Epiphora epiphora
22 Little Switch Bitch _littlesbitch
23 Pain as Pleasure bibulousone
24 Cara Thereon thereon_cara
25 Annie Savoy  asavoywrites
26 Tess Tesst jay_tesst
27 Scandarella ella_scandal
28 Super Smash Cache supersmashcache
29 Purple’s Gem PurplesGem1
30 Miss Ruby Reviews MissRubyReviews
31 The Other Livvy theotherlivvy
32 Master’s Pleasing Bitch MPBjulie
33 Phallophile Reviews PhallophileRev
34 Princess Previews PrincessPreview
35 Backwoods Bedroom bkwoodsbedroom
36 Victoria Blisse victoriablisse
37 Exposing 40 exposing40
38 Jayne Renault jayne_renault
39 Penny Berry littlepennyber1
40 Love, Violet fireandhoney
41 A to sub Bee sub_bee
42 Pillow Talk:Posy Churchgate  PosyChurchgate
43 Tall, Dark and Dominant darkanddominant
44 Toy for Sir toyforsir
45 Sweetgirl’s Journal sweetgirl_mrh
46 Holden and Camille h_and_c_dot_com/
47 Innocent Loverboy innocentlb
48 Anne Stagg annestaggwrites
49 Blue Submisson bluesubmission
50 Submissive Feminist SubFeminist
51 Kitten Boheme kittenboheme
52 Kinky & Nerdy kinkynerdy
53 Miss Scarlet Writes MissScarletUK
54 Betty Butch betty_butch
55 Joanne’s Sex machine and Sex Toy Reviews joannesreviews
56 His Lordship HisLordshipuk
57 Objects De Plaisir objets2plaisir
58 Isabelle Lauren RomanticIsa
59 Cleareyedgirl _Masterseye
60 Knkstriped ZebraRoseSub
61 Love and Lust in London LoveLustLondon
62 Happy Come Lucky ht_honey
63 Exhibit A A_unadorned
64 E. L Byrne Writer ELByrne1
65 Forbidden Writings Charlton_Tod
66 Modesty Ablaze ablazingmodesty
67 Nicci Haydon NicciHaydon
68 Rain De Grey raindegrey
69 Rocket Girl Writes Space_Dame
70 The Aqua Kink The Aquakink
71 Steeled Snake steeledsnake
72 Lippenbekenntnisse
73 Pretty Pink Lotus Bud prttypnkltsbd
74 Dildo or Dildon’t Makeupandsin
75 Lessons in Kate KateLessons
76 Tug Bro
77 The Joy As It Flies The Joy as it Flies
78 You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat SassyCat38
79 Ria’s Writing riarestrepo
80 The Lustful Empress
81 Liz Black X lizblackx
82 Kilted Wookie’s Naughty Hashtags
83 Pieces of Jade piecesofjade
84 Krystal Minx BisexualMinx
85 Miss D
86 Love is Fetish Darling Nikki
87 Our marriage
88 Lascivious Lucy LasciviousLucy
89 Chronic Sex chronicsexchat
90 Asrai Devin asrai
91 Morag’s Moist Musings MoistMusings
92 Witch of the Wands WitchofTheWands
93 A Kinky Autistic kinkyautistic
94 Cripping Up Reviews
95 Hannah McKnight HannahTGirlMN
96 Nessbow
97 Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male
98 Emmeline Peaches Reviews EmmelinePeaches
99 Melody Insights Melody


100. YOU! The last spot is for the all the other awesome sex bloggers out there. It is just not possible to include everyone, I relied on the nominations to gather the list and I am sure there are people missing, but this place is for you because every single one of you counts and contributes towards this community.

Want a button for your sidebar or blog post? If you are on the list feel free to grab the code below or alternatively save and upload the image to your own site but if you do that it would be wonderful if you could make sure the badge links back to this post.

Top 100 Sex Blogger 2019 badge

Feel free to repost the list on your own blog (in entirety or just a part, like the top ten). All I ask is that you mention that I compiled this list and link back to this blog post. Also feel free to pick your favorites from this list to link to in your own mini-list…or even create your own full list! The whole point is to support the sex blogger community as much as possible by encouraging your readers to visit new and awesome blogs. You can grab the numbered only HTML for the list by CLICKING HERE or the descriptive version of the top ten with the rest of the list HERE

Did you find any broken links or errors on the list? Have I called you by your wrong blog title for instance? Feel free to let me know in the comments below I will do my best to correct them. I really have double, triple checked and more the list but I will be astounded if there is not a mistake in it somewhere that I have not spotted.

Now all that is left for me to do is wish you all a very happy festive season (or whatever you like to call it) and encourage you all bloggers and non bloggers to continue to create and enjoy as much sex blogging as you can in 2019!


  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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