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What about you?

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Have you noticed it is August? Where has the year gone?

The other day I doing some forward planning and realised that it will soon be time to start looking at the Top 100 Sex Bloggers awards again. Taking over last year meant the list was published later than usual. Traditionally it has always been published at the end of November beginning of December and I want to carry on with that time frame so I need to start thinking about when certain things will happen to give me enough time to get all the work down.

All this reminded me that in the wake of the Top 100 Sex Blogger 2015 I tweeted some stuff about the importance of good ‘About Me’ pages and also promised I would write a post on it so, with time marching on towards the next list I thought I better get on with that.

First Visits

A reader finds you site through a variety of different routes but I suspect for the most part it is through a combination of social media and search engines with some links in from other websites and blogs thrown into the mix. The chances are the majority of people, particularly first time visitors, land on your site directly onto a post. They read your article/story or look at your image. They like what they find, the story turns them on, the article informs them, you make them laugh, think, answer their questions etc. They are intrigued; they want to know whose words they are reading, they look around for the answers and the click on your about me page and they get…

About me WordPress sample pageNow most readers are lazy and at this point you have probably lost them. They leave, most likely never to return again unless your link draws them in again. Some will try harder, they might read some other posts or look at a few more pictures but they still can’t get a handle on you. They leave too.

Scenarios 2

They get something like this..

About me page screen cap It’s like a being offered a teeny tiny cookie when you are hungry for a big slice of cake, nice but ultimately disappointing. They still feel disconnected from you, they are less likely to return or to continue to click around because when you had a chance to introduce yourself to them you basically fluffed it.

Don’t ever under-estimate the need for a good about me page. It shows an element of professionalism about you with regards to your work, even if you are only blogging as a hobby surely you still want people to be able to work out who and what you are about. This is the space to do it in, make it good and make it easy to find. Don’t hide it in another page, don’t rely on a little paragraph in your side bar. Make sure it is easy to find and click on both on a computer and on a mobile device.

Yes you will have dedicated faithful readers some of whom will have been with you from the beginning of your blog but to be honest, although they are your core readers they are most likely in the minority when it comes to the people who visit your site.

You have to assume that every visitor is new to your site. They know nothing about you but if they like what they have read the chances are they will want to know more. Your about me page needs to take them by the hand and guide them into your blog.

Not every visitor to your site is just a reader either, what if they are a sex toy company, media outlet or publishers who has stumbled across and wants to know a bit more about you before deciding if they want to reach out to you. If what they find is either nothing or something that lacking in information they might just decide to move onto the next blogger.

About, about me’s

So that is why you should have one but what should it look like

The short answer is, make it your own. Stick to your writing style and voice but remember this is your opportunity to engage people and draw them into your world. You don’t have to tell them everything but think about what you might want to know about someone whose writing you are drawn to.

What is their gender identity, their relationship status(s) (if you regularly write about partners you might want to consider making a page which outlines who these people are linking to it here) where in the world are they? Think of this as a general overview of you. You don’t have to tell them anything that identifies you beyond what you are comfortable with, but help them to establish a picture of you.

Many of you have been writing your blogs for years, content is being lost behind more content but in there I know for sure there are some posts that if someone asked you to list 5 or 10 pieces on your site that best sum up your blog, what are they? Think about listing those here to help new readers have a place to start in your story. Remember linking to relevant content on your own site is something Google likes to see so added bonus there as well as encouraging readers to stay and click around.

What about other credits to your name. Do you write a column for another site?  Have you written for any main stream outlets or been featured in the media? Do you supply images for someone? Are you a published author? Have you won any awards? This is your moment to show that stuff off.

Here are some examples of bloggers who I think have nailed it.

Dangerous Lilly – She has nailed here in my opinion. You absolutely get a feel for her writing style, her passions and her motivations. She offers you plenty of reading recommendation to encourage you into her blog as well as some great recommendations by others that authenticate her work.

Domme Chronicles – Another one who has nailed it. Like Lilly you definitely get a real sense of who she is and what she is blogging about. There is plenty of highlighted reading for you to explore. It feels professional and well thought out.

The Big Gay Review – Another review focused site here with a great about me. We learn the why and the who. There are no internal links to encourage us to read something specific and it is a little hard to find but even so this definitely does a fine job.

The Drew Duality – This one rocks in my opinion; A really great overview of who Drew is and what his blog is about. The only thing missing is a few links to some of the posts he mentions or some others that he would suggest as being ‘key reads’ but even so, this is still an eloquent introduction.

A Dissolute Life – She topped the Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015 list and her about me page is one of many reasons why. She pretty much ticks all the boxes here.

This is only a small selection. Many bloggers have totally got this sorted, but not all. Feel free to go and look for yourself but when you do imagine you are a totally new reader to their site. You know nothing much about them. In fact do this to yourself. Read your own about me as if you were a new reader and ask yourself, am I using or losing the opportunity to engage.

Keep it up

Finally, keep it up. Make a habit of reviewing and updating your about me at the very least once a year. As you develop and progress this page should reflect that. The bio you wrote when you started might still be relevant but it also definitely needs updating too

When I was setting up a scoring scheme for the Top 100 sex blogs there is a reason I gave About me Pages a whole section to themselves. There were a potential 10 marks up for grabs in the category and all those people who got into the top 10 scored really highly on this area. I am not saying you should have a good about me page for this reason but I am saying that category existed because about me pages matter. They are your chance to introduce yourself to people, don’t waste it.

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  • Hyacinth

    I also need to update my sidebar!

    To speak to what you’ve written, I agree 100%; it’s why I have such a thorough About Me page. I want to pull my hair out when people are so opaque I have no fucking clue what’s going on. If I’m going to read someone’s stuff, I need to know WHY. I need to understand the context. Vague or incomplete About Me’s rob me of a sense of where I am in the story and I’m completely frustrated when bloggers drop a name with no link. Like, who the fuck is that person?? Link me to a post about him/her that gives me an idea of who you’re talking about if it’s not written in the post itself.

    Ok, rant over. xx Hy

    (Updating now!)

  • Marie Rebelle

    Great post and GOOD advice. I am very close to changing my site to another theme and one of the things that desperately needs updating is my ‘about me’ page. I will make sure it’s updated before nominations are taken for the new Top 100 list.

    Rebel xox

  • N. Likes

    I’m so grateful to you for doing this. Every year I learn about so many great blogs thanks to your hard work. I can’t wait! And I agree with what you write. I may have to go back and revisit my about me page….

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