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I am a proud member of Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers!

What is the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers?

We are a support network for bloggers who provide authentic & inclusive reviews of adult products. In the world of sex toys and sex toy testing and review there is a lot of poor information. Including websites and blogs that host fake reviews and reviewers in order to make money off the affiliate sales. Those sites have no interest in giving the consumer good, helpful, honest reliable information, they just want you to click and buy so they get the kick back. Every single review they post will be glowing, enticing you to shop regardless of whether the product is actually good or not.

The Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers is a group of bloggers who write honest, ethical and reliable sex toy reviews and content. We are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and are main focus is creating content that is of benefit to our readers. So if a toy is great we will say so, and why, and if not, we will say that too. Our aim is to write reviews that are useful and honest for the consumer to help them make good buying decisions with the budget they have.

As a group we have committed to a shared set of ethical standards (see below) and agreed to support and uplift each other.

The current members of the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers are

As of 18th April 2023

  1. GoGo Gadget
  2. Coffee and kink
  3. Dildoodle
  4. Dildo or Dildont
  5. Girl on the Net
  6. Hey Epiphora
  7. Kayla Lords
  8. Kelvin Sparks
  9. Love is a fetish
  10. Miss Ruby Reviews
  11. Mollys Daily Kiss (ME)
  12. Mx Ed Reviews
  13. Nikki Nelson Writes
  14. Obsession Rouge
  15. On Her Back
  16. Princess Previews
  17. Queer Earthling
  18. Spices of Lust
  19. Supersmashcache
  20. Tess tesst
  21. Witch of The Wands

Minimum Standards

  • All products recommended by the blog are body-safe.
  • All shops recommended by the blog are safe.
  • All blogs respect the diversity of gender and don’t gender sex toys as “male” or “female.”
  • All blogs are written by people who are passionate about the subjects they cover, not by people who are only trying to make money. Many of us make some money but it isn’t the main reason we write.
  • All of the writers in our alliance show honesty and authenticity in their reviews.
  • All of the writers of the blogs in our alliance can demonstrate that they genuinely own ALL the products that they review and recommend.
  • All writers are genuinely knowledgeable in their subjects. They don’t copy their content from elsewhere or “regurgitate” external content.
  • No blogs in the alliance contain discrimination, hate or material intended to shame/exclude.
  • No blogs in the alliance use questionable, unethical or uncompetitive methods to build links and advertise their website. In short — we are genuine bloggers.
  • There is a preference that the blogs have been up for at least 1 year and have at least 16 reviews published.

How To Join

Do you write sex toy reviews on your blog? If so then you might be eligable to be a member of the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers

If you’d like to join the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers, please contact sextoytesteralliance(at)gmail(dot)com. Applications to join will be submitted to an anonymous group vote open to all other members, and approval will only be granted after a majority vote in your favor. Upon acceptance, you will need to post the membership list on your own blog, featuring dofollow links to all other members.