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By on August 19, 2010.

Is there ANYTHING you would like to ask me? Use the comment box below to satisfy your curiosity and you never know, ask me something that makes me want to write and you might just find your question being turned into a fully fledge blog post.



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  1. *I give off a super creepy vibe sometime’s usually when i see a female that I’m attracted to… I think it’s stress vibe’s… Have you ever had them befor or do they creep you out too…

    • Hi Sir hari

      I do and my name is Pussy but I rarely go there……you are far more likely to find me at


    • I guess you could be right…LOL. without His dominance and guidance I would be out of control.

      The distance can be a challange to both of us, but more in the respect of our physical time together and also time to do things out and about that we want to do. As far as Him managing our D/s relationship I don’t think it makes it that much harder as I am His willing sub and therefore I respond to what he asks and wants of me. Without my consent and commitment to our D/s relationship that would not be possible but then I think that is true for all LDR’s whether D/s or not. Both parties have to be committed to making it work.

      I know there have been occassions when I have pushed Him harder than I probably would have if he was in the room with me, but those are willful and foolish moments of mine that I have always end up paying dearly for.

      I admit though, that I am greatly looking forward to distance no longer being an issue for us.


  2. hi Molly
    I loved the nipple jewelry Signs gave you for Valentine’s Day. I loved it so much I ordered some for myself! I am having a hard time getting them on and was wondering if there was a trick to it. I appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you and thank you for the wonderful blog. I love reading the Signs and Molly fairytale. I just know your happily ever after is coming!

    • Hi Sweet P

      Thank you for the comment and lovely to hear from you.

      I found them very easy to get on and they stay on well as long as I pull my nipples firmly through. I know the instructions said to NOT squeeze them but I admit I did them a little pinch to tighten them slightly. Pull your nipple through the opening, pushing the charm firmly back against your skin until you feel like it wont go any further but not too much that it is digging right in. It should just grip the skin enough to hold it in place.

      Hope that helps but if not maybe let me know in more detail which bit is causing problems.

      Hope you have fun with them, I LOVE mine, both the way they look and feel and the reaction I get from Him when I wear them.


      • Thank you Molly! I had to play around with them for a little while but with the help of snake bite suckers that help make my nipples longer I was able to get them on! I am to chicken to get my nipples pierced but it is fun to decorate them. I am surprised they stay on so well! Thanks again for your help and a thank you to Signs too.

  3. Molly- saw your comment on Savage love, and just wanted to present a counterpoint.

    I’m a 33 year old man. In my pre-dating youth I felt no guilt or concern with expressing my frustration and anger physically in VICTEMLESS situations. It can be cathartic and satisfying. I’ve never broken anything that i valued or damaged anything etc., etc. because i CHOOSE when to lose control, just like in sex one might CHOOSE when to lose control. I didn’t scare people to my knowledge. Because i never directed my anger AT a person.

    In my family i never saw ANYONE hit ANYONE else, but also no one ever tried to STIFLE someone expresing anger by raising your voice or stamping your foot or whatever.

    Because i realized slamming my fist when venting about something would SCARE my girlfriend, i (with some discomfort) chose to suppress those urges when i had them. I think that is sad and unhealthy, but a compromise i’m willing to make, because society is so fucked up and women are abused with such regularity that I can’t assume that people will feel safe around anger. I do, because i trust myself, i trusted my parents growing up, my friends. If my loved ones feel the need to tantrum or vent, i want them to feel free and unencumbered to do that. That is a part of the intimacy i want to give them. I am not scared of them. I trust them and no they would not abuse me.

    But I do resent the fact that there are folks out there who are so closed minded that they can only see the catharsis of throwing something as a harbinger of beating your wife.

    I have never hit anyone, not even in grade school. I am articulate, I respect women, i respect PEOPLE, i respect the subtleties of power dynamics and acknowledge the fear that many women may be forced to carry around as a result of physical violence they have seen or experienced inflicted on women by men.

    But I am not responsible personally for that, And I would like to be healthy and self actualized and only as socialized and emotionally repressed as is necessary. I think physical expressions of anger are a release, a communication. And it IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT not to lump in someone who chooses to be in touch with/express their “inner brute” in safe circumstances from someone who is a ticking time bomb with anger issues. Anger, like joy, sadness, sexual arousal, disgust, fear is a part of our core emotional make up.

    So, Thats my thought. Do you really think people should feel REQUIRED to control their anger ALL THE TIME? Are tantrums really only acceptable for children?

    • Hi Greg

      Thank you for getting in touch. My response to the lady over on was driven by the fact that the behaviour of her partner at best made her uncomfortable and at worst intimidated her, with that in mind I would suggest that his behaviour, in her eyes at least, is therefore inappropriate.

      We all get angry, frustrated, cross etc but we have to learn ways in which it is acceptable to display those emotions without being intimidating or threatening to others. It is fine to be angry, it’s how we display that anger that is the issue, being offensive, or threatening is not acceptable, learning to communcate your anger verbally but in a control manner is.

      As a mother of a young boy I have gone to great lengths to teach him how to control and manage his anger, telling him that it is fine to be angry but that when you feel like that anger is becoming bigger than you then you need to remove yourself from other people and have some alone time. I have shown him that it is fine to go to his room and beat his pillow, but it is not fine to slam all the doors on his way there whilst shouting at everyone in the house. He is a big boy, strong and nearly as tall as me, it is my responsiblity to teach him that no matter how angry he is, it should be using it to make others uncomfortable.

      I agree with you that anger is a valid emotion just as lust, desire, happyness, sadness etc are as well but just like all these other emotions there are appropriate ways and times in which to display them, as adult we should be able to guage these things. If you were feeling horny at the train station would you get out your dick and start jerking off? No, because it would not be appropriate… my opinion the same kind of boundries should apply when dealing with ones anger.

      The gentleman in question was obvious very physical and verbal when angry, his partner was obviously uncomfortable with it and in my opnion you don’t have to actually physically strike someone to be harming them, verbal rage can be just as threatening and damaging to people exposed to it as physically hitting them. For a child that kind of temper or display of anger would be very frightening and damaging and for a child such as my son would teach him that showing your anger in an uncontrolled manner is OK.

      Personally I don’t think it is required for us to control our anger at all times but it is required for us to control our responses to that emotion and make sure they are appropriate for the surroundings and the other people who are nearby, personally I do believe that tantrums are only acceptable for children, they show a lack of maturity and achieve nothing. Children who have tantrums in this house get ignored and sent to their room, because their behaviour is inappropriate and unacceptable to the situation, but they are children and they are learning, I hope that they will grow out of it and find better more productive ways to deal with anger and to obtain the things they want.

      In addition I would like to add that as a woman living in a 24/7 D/s relationship I would say that the for me it is vital that my partner is always able to control his anger, otherwise I could not ever submit to him knowing that there was a risk that he could lose his temper and use his physical strength to harm me. A man who is not in control of his temper in a D/s situation can never be a good Dom and can never be trusted not to harm.


      • In all likelihood the dude in the column DOES have a lack of control problem going on, and your points are all well taken. And certainly in the context of D/s situation, the whole point is a D is someone with control, and that control starts with themselves. Me? I’m happy to act like a grownup 85% of the time with occasional vacations in the land of the whiny, pushy, goofy, needy, selfish, tantrum-y, niave, or whatever toddler-like emotion that still sits there in my amygdala. I think maintaining a good connection/not severing that connection is a choice artists make over and over again in service of creativity/good relationship between conscious-unconscious ego-id.. Of, course, admittedly, a artists are frequently an infantile lot, and abusive partners as well. Whatever. thanks for the chat! What an intense/personal blog you’ve got going on here. hot!

        • Hi Greg

          I wonder if that is why so many artists suffer from depression and loneliness issue? Their social skills and abilities to act within social settings ultimately effecting their personal relationships.

          Thank you again for getting in touch and for the compliment on my blog, I hope you come back again and feel free to ask anything you like.


  4. hi Molly
    I was hoping you could suggest some good reading for me as I grow on my submissive journey. I have read The Story of O and The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I have also read everything I could find at A Submissive Journey website. I suggested to Master that I ask you for your suggestions and he thought you would be a great resource. Thank you for your help.

    • I am currently reading The Collected Adventures By Sapio Slut. You can find a link to her blog in my blog role. Many moons ago now, when I first started exploring, I read a book called, The Loving Dominant by John Warren. Although written with the novice Dom in mind, I found it really fasinating reading, made me realise the type of Dom I wanted in my life, and also, made me accept myself as a sub…..there were times and descriptions when it felt so like me.

      If I can think of anything I will let you know……of course I read a lot of blogs on this subject matter, I mentioned Sapio Sluts, but also check out this weeks kiss winner….and I watch out for more to come.


  5. Hey Molly, I’ve just subscribed to your blog, at long last! Why so late? Well you know your blog is pretty much NSFO with so many naughty photos. :p But it’s not a problem anymore now that I’ve decided to quit my boring office job! God bless me! xoxo

  6. Hey Molly
    I’ve just recently discovered your blog, as you know and I think it is amazing.
    Last night and I wrote a blog called “Am I really a Slut!? And I’m worried I said too much. I haven’t been blogging very long, but I recently felt a need a to express myself. I wondered if you would be so kind to let me know what you think of it. I just written a quick post this morning as I’m worried.

    Maybe I just had to get it out of system and will return to dirty posts, maybe I’ll delete it I don’t know.

  7. You sound as if you are hurting, You know you don’t have to take the abuse, for thats what it is abuse…Have you ever made love to a woman? That is the tenderess love you will ever know, I would love to make love to you and show you and take you to places you never imagined, I can and would keep giving you multiple orgasms I can keep you on the edge for as long as you can take the intensity of it, then I would drink your love juices while still mking come more and more…I would love to hear from you and if possible arrange a meeting where ever you are…I have lots of free time so no distance is an object to me be it Australia, Japan, USA, Russia, I would be there if you say the word…..I shall look forward to hearing from you…Kind affections… Carolyne XXX

    • Dear Carolyne

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave me a comment.

      My relationship with Sir in no way, shape or form abusive. He is loving, kind, nuturing and caring and I could not ask for a better man in my life. The D/s element of our life is very important to me, it is by mutual consent and done within the loving boundaries of our relationship.

      I have made love to a woman on a number of occassions but at the moment Sir is the focus of my life and I am not looking to change that. Thank you for the offer to meet up but as I said, my relationship with Sir is my priority.

      Thanks again for your interest and please feel free to ask anything else you wish


  8. Hi Molly,
    Apropos of your shoe shopping post, I ran across this pic for you –

    Also, I am working on making audio readings / recordings of erotic writing pieces for various authors (my reading voice is far superior to my writing voice – for now..) if you would like to connect me with any author interested in that, its an interesting and different way to present some of the hot writing of our friends.

    • Hi Sunlover….

      Thank you for the link. I LOVE those shoes……

      Thats a great idea for the audio recordings. Why don’t you record one of your pieces on JK and send us the recording and we will publish it on your story. If that works out well maybe we can get you to do some others, the few audio stories we have are very popular.


    • Hi Danny,

      This is a little bit of a tricky one to answer as you have not said if there is a certian area of BDSM that you most identify with. I think the beginning place should be trying to discover if you are Dom, sub or maybe a switch? Also, are you looking for real explorations or maybe just online? I think those are the first 2 areas that you need to think about. I would be more than happy to provide more information once you have a slightly better idea of where you think you lay within the kink community.


  9. Molly all your photographs are so erotic.You have one of the most prominate and sexy mons I have ever seen,and I would love to taste it.Do you have any videos for viewing ?



  10. It’s a shame you can no longer click on your pictures and get a larger version. I quite enjoyed those. Perhaps you’ll reconsider doing this?

    • Thank you very much for leaving this comment. I was not aware that this feature did not still work but you are right, it seems that it doesn’t. I need to investigate further and work out why that is and hopefully restore it so that you can enjoy my pictures in all their enlarge glory!


  11. Hey, I’m a bucks based cute toyboy, useable for anything related to total female sexual pleasure. Please let me know if i can get i touch so i can taste your pussy cum in my mouth. I want to please. xxx

  12. At the weekend I found out the delights of camping out in the great outdoors in a 4 ‘ man’ tent……actually 1 dom and 1 sub(ish). Have you had any ‘outdoor’ experiences you can share with the readers? Love Voyeur10……btw….loving the non panties thing……xxx

    • Hi Voyeur…..

      Do I know you 😉 ?

      I have one post on here that took place outdoors and of course all the scavenger hunt pictures that you can find my selecting the Scavenger Hunt category in the side bar….. I am not a camping type girl, I like my proper bed but I am pretty certain that there will be more outdoor adventures in my future.

      As for the panties…. it is very important to let the kitty breathe you know 😉


  13. Hi Molly! I enjoy the honest and eroticism of your blog.

    Now, about the playing around with images of famous pictures … I can hardly wait to see your version of Origine du Monde!

    Pass on the idea; others might like to play as well.



  14. Pearls. Just found your exquisite photos. Charm plus seduction. Elegance plus raw lust. I kiss my way down your belly, my tongue licking along the way. Feel. Smell. Taste. Pussy. Delightful. Sighs….

  15. Hey

    It’s me.
    Imagimana. I came through
    to show some Love and wanted
    to let you know that I really
    enjoyed looking at your


  16. Hi Molly,
    I love your photos, in particular the “sufing the internet the submissive way”. I am curious, do you practice that often ? I do it as well from time to time, and realy like it. Do you have some other idea on surfing the submissive way ?
    Congratulations, nice website, I will visit it often …

  17. Hi Molly. So i see that your in a relationship where your the submissive. I have been a submissive for girlfreinds in the past,but only in a light manner. Being tiedup to a bed,then used for everything sexually a former girlfreind wanted. She started with a feather duster and then there was more,if you know what i mean? Then another stripped me of my clothes and then handcuffed me to her bed. She oral fucked me first,before smothering me,and made me suck her breasts. These experiences i really liked and turned me on immensely. Now though id like a woman,women who have”Dom”experience to show me the whole repitraa of dominating and humiliation. I dont know where i could go to find such a woman?apart from obvious methods! No,what im seeking is somebody and somewhere where its clean and safe to perform such things. Not sure if you could help on this? But whatever,if anything you may suggest,be aware im very discreet,and both those two descriptions i wrote above. e.g safe and clean. Many thanks Louis

    • My advice would be to make a profile on and search for events, clubs and people in your local area. I think this would be a great place for to start your search for what you are looking for.


  18. Hello Miss Molly. Just confirmed my subscription. Im not sure what you could offer me,as your a female submissive,and i want to be a male sub for a strong big breasted woman. I really would like the idea of being a sex slave to this kinda woman. Anyway..i hope you can accomadate me and my fantasy in someway? I think your site is great and glad to be on board. Yours Louis

  19. Hey Molly 😉
    I was wondering how you made your site not “copiable”. I was going to quote your sentences in a comment to you and I was unable to copy it… I want to do that to my site too!

    p.s I love your “50 Shades of Me” post! Simply amazing!!


  20. Hi Molly

    Thanks for popping by my blog earlier today *honoured* – great comment too. I’ve added you to my blog roll – hope that’s ok


  21. Hi Molly,
    I have just started blogging with my husband (like literally 3 days ago) and I really haven’t read many blogs before now either. It has been so exciting and a bit overwhelming, and more than anything there are so many sexual “realms” out there (for lack of a better word) that I am stumbling upon that are just blowing my mind. For instance, the world of BDSM is particularly intriguing to me and as I am reading and learning about it daily I am very turned on and fascinated. What little I knew about it I think I always thought of as merely a fantasy or a life on another planet, so to speak. I guess what I’m trying to say, my somewhat vague question to you, is how do you balance your relationship with what appears to me to be a very “normal” (forgive the expression – I am butchering this) life? I am so fascinated by the thought of you as daily sub as I try to reconcile that role with you as successful writer, presenter, etc. Forgive me as I know almost nothing about you, but it seems you are professional and successful and also a sexy sub and for some reason I can’t make those things all fit together in my naive head! I would find a post on this “life balance” very interesting and helpful, if you are ever so inclined. And it occurs to me you might have written one already that I simply have not had the pleasure of discovering yet. Thanks for any answers, and I look forward to learning more about you and your Sir.

  22. Hi Molly

    I hope you are well and that you don’t mind me coming to you for advice. I did once before and I am am very grateful for the advice you gave. This time it is a little different and I shall get straight to the point….

    My partner and I are looking for a girl/woman to join us for some fun and I wondered if you could shed any light on how we could go about this. We’ve thought about joining some online site, I also wondered about going to a club but gosh I just wouldn’t know what to expect. I done the only thing I know and set up a blog again.

    Would love any advice you have.

    Much love

    Back in High Heels
    Back in High Heels recently posted..HelloMy Profile

    • Welcome back to the blogging world! I will attempt to answer your questions but as I don’t know where you are in the world I shall be general about it.

      Firstly you need to remember that what you are looking for is often referred to as ‘unicorn’ why? Because they are a beautiful mythical creature and about as rare as one. Having said that finding someone is possible but the key is to treating them not like a sex toy within your relationship but finding a place for them that works for all 3 of you within. I guess the things you need to think about is are you looking to purely have a sexual relationship with this person or something more poly based? Also is this a BDSM related play or not?

      If you are looking for a sexual relationship only then I would advise that you start by looking on some of the swinging sites. SDC Swingers is one of the bigs one but there are lots around. Again, there are some UK based ones but depends where you are. If this is BDSM related you could also make a profile on Fetlife but really the key to success is getting out and meeting people. Go to some local events such as a Munch or try a swingers club. All the ones I have been to have been fun and people have been welcoming and friendly and are quite happy for you to just come along and hang out and see what happens with no pressure to actually join in but again, do some research on your local area.


      • Molly you ARE a STAR!!

        Thank you so much for your very quick reply.

        It made me laugh when you said about the Unicorn because you are so right however I am happy to keep looking for that perfect relationship. I will check out those events you mentioned as I am looking to get to know someone before I embark on this exciting adventure.

        Back In High Heels

  23. Not a question. I just wanted to thank you for your common-sense questions and replies to that group misquoting E.L.James about abuse survivors on twitter. They don’t speak for all of us, even if they think that they do.

    • You are welcome. I was concerned by their apparent quoting of E L James and yet when asked to provide evidence to support this they basically have NONE. You can’t go around misquoting someone like that, well not unless you want to end up in a court of law that is!


  24. Love the work Molly, I came across one of your photo’s that you shot in the Subway Surface Line of what I believe is 13th Street. If possible I would love to use that photo in a “still shot” of a music video. I am the owner of a small indie music label in Philadelphia. If permission is available, please email me the authorization to use your photo

  25. Hey Molly,
    I would like to ask you for your advise or recommendation or a direction in which to go. I will be traveling to England in September (2013) less than two months. I am in need of a NEW camera. I have an old pentex manual 35mm that i will never part with, however this is the age of digital, wifi and insist results. I was wondering if you could, would suggest a possible camera that would be good for taking photos on the move, traveling, some video. I would like one with a timer so that I could take still shots without having to wait on “old man” to arrive home from work, ya know? Oh the last camera I bought is a Polaroid 500 series. Years ago!
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide, feeling totally overwhelmed shopping online.
    SassyCat recently posted..Ladies Fashion; late 50′s – early 60′sMy Profile

    • This is actually quite a tricky question as it really depends on how much you want to spend on this. I would highly recommend a Canon, my current camera and it’s predecessor were both Canon’s and I LOVE them. The one I had to start with was the Canon EOS Rebel T3 1100D. You can pick them up for quite a reasonable rice, they are fairly light wait weight as they have a plastic body (unlike my new canon that has a metal body) They have a timer and you can buy a trigger for it too if you wish.


  26. Have you ever tried the sex act called Figging? ( The practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the ass for an intense slow build of burning pleasure/pain.) I would love to hear about you having a first experience doing this with your Sir, or hear about a past experience with this exotic BDSM kink.

    • Hi Sarah

      We met on a website that was for amateur erotic writers. Sadly the site no longer exists so all the romantic pieces we wrote to one another on the forums is now gone. Neither of us were there looking for or expecting to meet someone. It was not a dating site. We got chatting though, he was funny and made me laugh. We started off as friends and things progressed from there.


  27. Molly
    happy to be on your mailing list.
    I found a lot of interesting advice and opinion on your blog….I thought had some experience, but I discover that I have a lot more to learn… hence my desire to….. to become part of your fan club ; thank you.
    Myquestion : don’t you think that pleasure is greater when somewhat hidden ? I mean not showing clearly techniques and what’s on one’s mind, isn’t this a better path towards pleasure, leaving some part to imagination, feeling, listening to the other one ?
    have a nice day
    My question

    • Hello Pascal

      Sorry for the delay in answering your question, sadly you got lost in my spam filter.

      I am glad you are enjoying my blog and learning things.

      In answer to your question I think pleasure is such a varied and different thing for different people and there is no right or wrong way to experience it. I think there are times where leaving things to the imagination is a good idea, it can certainly be a sexy thing but I also think making your desire, needs, wants etc clearly known to your partner can also be sexy too and yes that can be explicit. Being explicit is all part of communication and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it can be very freeing and liberating to be able to share oneself in such a manner

      Hope that helps to answer your question, please feel free to ask any more you may have


  28. Hi Molly,

    In the early days of QVC, one of the on-air-salespeople was Molly Daly.

    I knew her before she made it onto the television.

    And seeing your name….really brought back the memories…in a twisted/fun way.


  29. Molly,

    Love your Blog!!! I have a question (problem). Nearly every time I have sex I have a g-spot orgasm. I say it’s a problem because IT IS JUST TOO WET!

    Is it normal to produce that much liquid in an orgasm????? I mean it’s like 1/2 to 2 cups of liquid.

    I love the orgasm, but it just doesn’t seem right.

    Please help……..can I stop???


    • Hi Lynelle

      Thank you for the compliments on my blog I am delighted that you enjoy my work.

      With regards to your question. Everyone is different, some women, like yourself, produce large amounts of liquid when they orgasm and some don’t. It is just a reflection of the diversity of the human body. If you are enjoying the orgasms, they feel pleasurable, then I wouldn’t worry. You don’t mention it being an issue for your partner(s) and so it would seem the only person who is worried about this is yourself? I think you would probably be surprised how many women have similar orgasms to yourself and I suspect it is not as unusual as you believe it is. My advice is embrace your bodies wonderful wet responses and enjoy yourself. On a practical note I understand that is a lot of liquid and cleaning up afterwards might be a bit of a mood killer, with that in mind I would suggest buying a plastic backed sheet to put down on your bed to stop your mattress from constantly it from constantly leaking through onto your mattress.


      • Hi Lynelle , Molly says it best and I happen to agree plus I think it’s Hot!! Mmm ! It is a great problem to have, lm in!! Just enjoy and have fun Lynelle

        Steve xo

  30. Hi,

    I just wrote my first novel, a BDSM erotica called Take Me to Church. It follows Clark White, a businessman who discovers his submissive and masochistic tendencies under his Mistress. It’s the first in a series of books I’m working on, SAMs & Sinners.

    I’ve been getting some mixed feedback from people saying Clark is more like a brat, not a SAM; and then there are others who say those terms are interchangeable—and then, there’s me thinking there’s a degree of role policing going on…

    I’ve found varying definitions and breakdowns, and was wondering what a SAM is to you?

    —Kittie xoxo

  31. I’ve just recently found your blog. I just wanted to say how much I love your posts, they really mean a lot to me. I’m six months into a pretty much perfect relationship, our kinks fit together so well. I’ve never found anyone who was even interested before and I’m loving it 🙂
    Your photos are absolutely amazing.
    Keep up the good work x

    • Thank you for the lovely comment. I am delighted that you found me and that you are enjoying my blog. Your relationship with your new partner sounds fabulous. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch and thank you for the compliment on my photography


  32. I don’t have a question for you Molly, I just wanted to let you know that finding your blog several months ago has been like a ray of light in my life. I look forward to hearing your updates about your journey with your Sir and find your writing intelligent and erotic and photography beautiful to look at. The happiness that you have with Michael is something to strive for and hope to one day experience it with my own Dom.

    My bdsm journey, though in the early stages (2 years) has had both highs and lows and sometimes recently I’ve wondered if im walking the right path, I suppose only time will tell for me but knowing where your journey has taken you, you should know you’re a real inspiration to me.

    Wishing you continued happiness and much success!

  33. Good day, I have been following your site for a while now, and I believe you have a great. You show and share to others the things that inspire you. I have linked your site to my in hopes to continue to help you spread your inspiration.

  34. You recently wrote a piece about what happens when you are in a bad mood and rush off in a huff. (Sorry for the paraphrasing). My husband/Dom and I were having a discussion about what he should do when I get into the same type of mood.

    Can you lead me to that post?

    Thank you

  35. Hi Molly,

    Have you any advise on violet wands, my Dom is looking to purchase a kit which I’m extremely excited about so any help or recommendations from you would be great.

    Thank you!

    Mandy x

    • Hi Mandy

      To be honest it is not my kink so I do not have any direct experience I can offer you. However I did find this which might help but I really would recommend that you try visiting one of the fetish fairs where that has a supplier of them. That way you can have a go and feel what things are like and what you might want to buy before actually spending any money. The London Alternative Market and the BBB in Birmingham should both be good places to find someone


    • Hi there

      Feel free to email me if you would like to chat more as it really depends on what area you are looking for advice on. Blogging platforms, traffic building, content etc


  36. hi I would like to know how often you look at other blogs and what do you mainly find interesting . Also I would like to add more photos of myself to my blog should I take my own pictures or have someone else do it.

    • Hi Livia

      I read other blogs pretty much every day. For a start I take part in a number of blogging memes like Wicked Wednesday, masturbation monday and Kink of the week all of which require that you read other peoples work. I also run Sinful Sunday and so that means I visit every single Sinful Sunday post each week. I also run Elust which means I have to read all the blogs that submit something every month. And that is just all the reading I have to do, there is then all the reading I choose to do. As for what I find interesting, that is all over the place but the key is honest well written writing. As for photos, I would really recommend you give it a go yourself. I take ALL my own images and I know the vast majority of bloggers do the same thing. They don’t have to always be perfect and the most important thing is you enjoy doing it and get pleasure from it. You might also want to think about looking at Sinful Sunday as that will give you a really good idea about what other bloggers do with regards to images


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