Achievement Unlocked!

by Molly Moore
Eroticon goody bags achievement

Opps, it is Wednesday again which means I HAVE to write a post, if you don’t understand why then you really should read what I wrote last week. I can’t believe 7 days have gone by since I penned that but they have and it is now post Eroticon rather than pre. I had, in my crazy head, thought this week would be a chilled one of catching up on other work and on my blog and just recovering my brain somewhat. Oh what insanity that was.

Girl on the Net, Michael and I have discovered that we are incapable of not working, especially when it comes to Eroticon and rather than spending Monday and Tuesday off, as previously agreed we all put in the best part of 12 hour days not only wrapping up this years event but also starting work on 2018! It is good work though, happy, excited and motivated work. I have never in my life before had a job that I loved with a passion, until now.

But what to write this week, well, seeing as Rebel’s prompt is ‘Meeting’ inspired by the fact that lots of people would be doing that at Eroticon and that Written by Jenny has a little Eroticon themed meme on her blog I thought I would go with her idea of a listicle of 10 Things I Took Home from Eroticon

  1. We now have a rather substantial collection of mugs. In fact way more than any household needs. We have all the left over ones from Girl on the Net and We could host a rather large coffee morning with them all. I really don’t need this many mugs!
  2. A to-do list as long, if not longer than the one I took with my to Eroticon. Seriously, why on earth did I think this week was going to be relaxed and chilled?
  3. A 8ft tall Doxy promotional banner and stand that is a giant picture of a woman holding a Doxy. I think I might display it in the dinning room at some point just to make my kids roll their eyes and give me a laugh. Maybe I will put it up for Mother’s Day.
  4. A stunning cobalt blue ceramic creation that I fell in love with the moment I saw it on Ceramic Pleasures stand. It is still in its packaging but trust me when I say I intend to give this beautiful thing some serious undivided attention very soon.
  5. Connections: I don’t just mean in the business sense of that word either but also in the more human sense. I feel more connected to my community, to my Eroticon partners, to my friends both old and new and to Eroticon itself both what it is now and what it could potentially be in the future.
  6. Which leads me into the next thing because it is plans. We have, right from the beginning of taking this project on, had a long list of plans for the future. Successfully completing this first Eroticon has now made those plans slightly less abstract and also inspired a ton of new ones.
  7. Talking of inspiration; Eroticon has always been a time of inspiration for me but this year that word took on a new meaning because not only was I personally inspired with regards to the future of Eroticon but I was also inspired by how this community thrives when they come together. Seeing people give workshops who had never done anything like that before, or reading to a whole room full of their peers is inspiring, watching people connect, grow, learn and, as Kayla Lords said to me ‘finding her tribe’ is a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of.
  8. Friendships have also always been a big feature of Eroticon’s past and this year was no exception but running the event did mean that I actually had much less time to devote to this which is a slight downside of being an organiser. I did get to catch up with many friends though espcially some who I rarely get to see because they live in other countries and also got to finally meet some people who I have had a long time online friendship with in person, most notably Kayla Lords. However I have also come away with an increased determination to make sure I hang out with those friends who are nearby enough for us to do that and organise a ladies photography get together at some point this summer.
  9. As I wrote a few weeks ago I have battled with feelings of self doubt about this whole project. After all, what the fuck do I know about event management? As the event rolled ever closer that little voice of self doubt got progressively louder but now, well, I can’t say it has gone away comepletely and actually I think it is a good thing it has not because becoming over confident can often be ones downfall I think but I have definitely come away from this Eroticon with a renewed sense of belief in myself and my abilities to so this. Somewhere in my head there is now an additional little voice starting to whisper…. ‘You got this Molly.’ (and don’t ask me why but writing those words then actually made me cry)
  10. And in at number 10 but maybe most importantly of all I have come away with Eroticon with a massive sense of achievement. I do love a good to-do list, one of the simple pleasures in life is ticking things off when they are done. Eroticon 2017 √

Eroticon goody bags achievement

Ps… If you are writing about Eroticon or have posts inspired by Eroticon please don’t forget to add them to the linky list on this page on the Eroticon site: Eroticon 2017: Tell us about it

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Anna Sky March 8, 2017 - 3:51 pm

My response to your #9: You totally got this, you really, truly did!

You, Michael & GOTN are all stars for doing this thing. Eroticon 2017 was a wonderful, intense, incredible and exciting experience full of joy and learning and friendships and networking and bonding and just being in the right place with the right people.

Anna <3

Kayla Lords March 8, 2017 - 4:04 pm

I adored you before Eroticon but it’s only been cemented by our time together. Knowing you all better now, I’m not at all surprised you’ve started working on next year so soon. (So have I because I think John Brownstone will be joining me next year!!!)

The energy, the vibe, and the conversations alone are worth every effort and every moment of anxiety it takes to attend an event like this. And I will keep letting people know that they can be terrified and still attend.

I’m a massive supporter and cheerleader of not just Eroticon now but if the entire community (more so than before). And I continue to be in awe of all three of you for your hard work, determination, and willingness to give so much of yourselves to make this thing a reality for all of us.


Elliott Henty March 8, 2017 - 4:41 pm


Marie Rebelle March 8, 2017 - 7:41 pm

I knew you guys would pull this off. I knew you would pull this off. I told you so last year and I am damn sorry I could not be there to see how you did it, but even so, I know it was good. We will be there next year. We will!

Rebel xox

Tabitha March 9, 2017 - 8:22 am

Congratulations Molly – you do indeed “got this” and I am one of many who felt safe in you, Michael and GTON’s care.
Thank you for an amazing weekend x x

Exposing40 March 9, 2017 - 10:51 am

So so so so happy for you. You should all be so proud. And hurrah for number 8! 😉 xxx

Victoria Blisse March 9, 2017 - 6:00 pm

From one event organiser to another -oh, you’ve so got this! Well done to you three, you did a brilliant thing! I needed Eroticon this past weekend and I didn’t even know how much ’til I came home. The connections I made have revitalised me and I can’t wait for next year 🙂

Bee March 9, 2017 - 7:15 pm

You so did ‘got this’. I’m so fucking proud of you. You created something awesome and we’re both already looking forward to the next one, no pressure ;-p


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