Cuddles are home

by Molly Moore
Michael spooning molly from behind. You can see one of her breasts and her thigh. There fingers are entwined on her hip for post about cuddles

I would rather give up sex than cuddles.

That is not a statement I would have written 10 years ago. I would have absolutely baulked at the idea but the last few years have given me a different view on things and an appreciation for things that I don’t think I had in the past.

Don’t get me wrong. Sex is GREAT. I love all the sex but when I was on my own and even when I look back to when I first met Michael and we are in a long distance relationship, yes I missed and craved the sex but what I really ached for more than anything else was kissing and cuddles.

I can make myself come pretty much anytime I like. In fact I can do it to myself better than anyone else can. That doesn’t mean that partnered orgasms and sex are not amazing because clearly they are sharing pleasure with a partner is intimate and wonderful but it is the intimacy of it that I want. It is the intimacy of it that I crave if I don’t have it and it is the intimacy of closeness that brings me a level and happiness and contentment that is beyond sexual.

I love laying with my head on his chest, his arm curled round me and I trail my fingers through his soft chest hair. I love this spot on his body. It feels like home.

I love when he curls up behind me, his hand on my hip or arm draped over my waist. My back pressed into the warmth of his body. We often fall asleep like this but nearly always wake like every morning. Often in the night when he has been to the bathroom I half awake when he crawls beneath the covers with me and sigh happily as he spoons his body round mine.

In the evenings we sit on the sofa together reading, talking, sometimes watching TV. We are nearly always touching. My feet in his lap or out legs entwined. Sometimes we are even holding hands.

After he has spanked me or caned my thighs or fucked my face when his jizz is drying on my tits and my cunt still twitches from the orgasm I just had he will gather me into his arms and we will lay there, close, bonded, intimate. I love what came before but this, the afterwards. I love this even more, I need this.

Both of us are hugely tactile people. Every night we lay in bed, usually reading and he will stroke my back or my legs, or trail his fingers through my public hair. If I am tired or been stressed or he will tell me turn off the light and turn over and he delicately stoke my bum until as I drift off to sleep. It is the most beautiful wonderful thing, the care and tenderness, the way it makes me feel safe and warm and looked after. There are tears in my eyes as I write this because it means so much to me.

Sometimes during the day I will wander into his office and say, ‘Can we have a hug’ and he will rise up out of his chair and gather me into his strong arms holding me tightly in his embrace. I breath in the scent of him as I nestle my head against his chest or shoulder. For a few short moments nothing else exists apart from this moment.

I don’t think cuddling is a kink for me, I actually think it is more than that. It is a fundamental need to my well-being. There is an intimacy to it that is beyond sexual. I can totally have sex with someone and feel nothing for them, I have totally had sex with people and barely known their name but cuddles, snuggles, warm loving embraces are fair more intimate to me than any sexual or even kink interaction. Cuddles are love, care, safety. Cuddles are home

“Within the simple act of an embrace, two people can be joined together in such an intense bond that words no longer serve a purpose. The cuddle says it all.” — Rob Grader

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Annie Savoy May 27, 2023 - 8:38 pm

I agree with this 100000%. I would never want to give up sex but I generally feel far more fulfilled by long extended cuddle sessions and just being touched. You express this sentiment beautifully

Jayden R Vincente May 28, 2023 - 3:50 pm

I love this! <3 I feel exactly the same way. Richard and I actually set an alarm every morning for cuddles so that we don't miss out on them even when we're getting ready to start a busy day.

mywildlens June 4, 2023 - 10:46 am

This is so so lovely


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