An Act of Service

by Molly Moore
Digital art of Molly cleaning a bright pink bathroom naked for post about acts of service

When it comes to domestic service I am not really the serving kind but that that maybe I might have a developing interest in being served…

He is down on his hands and knees. No mop and bucket today. There is a bucket and a scrubbing brush just no mop. He is meticulously scrubbing the tiled floor in the kitchen.

“Did you miss a bit” I say pointing to the floor just in front of my feet.

“No, I have not got to that bit yet.”

That is obvious because he is still over by the sink and I am standing by the kettle

“Well maybe you should do this bit”

He glances over his shoulder at me. Our eyes meet. He knows that look. He crawls across the floor to me dragging the bucket with him. Now he is kneeling at my feet. The look in his pretty blue eyes makes my blood thump through my veins.

“Here?” he asks wiping just in front of my feet.

“Yes just there” I reply as I sneak my hand up under my skirt and start rubbing my clit.

He makes a little whimpering sound and I know he wants to touch too but I like tormenting him and I like the floor to be clean.


This is just a thought. Up until now most of my kink relationships have involved me being the sub but a couple of months ago I found myself conversing with a sub man and much to my surprised I uncovered a Domme streak I didn’t know existed. Sadly I have not really got to explore it at all, for now but it is has piqued my interest. So we shall see, maybe one day a beautiful blue eyed boy will clean the floor for me while I masturbate over him. I rather like the idea.

However reverse the roles and have me doing the cleaning or any other domestic service and the same can not be said to be true. I am never going to be the type of submissive who is going to cook and clean and wait and serve on someone. I have absolutely not interest in that type is servitude within D/s.

That does not mean I won’t make someone I love and care about a coffee or dinner or do the laundry or iron them a shirt because I absolutely will but I do it because I love them and like to do a nice thing for them not because there is an expectation to serve them in that way or because it is my ‘job’. I am not going to stand each week and iron shirt after shirt after shirt especially if you don’t even know where the fucking iron lives but I will iron your shirt when you are running late because we stayed in bed and fucked when you should have gotten up.

My first husband was often fairly passive aggressive about how clean, or not, the house was and it was something I grew to hugely resent. I am never going to get off on serving someone in that style however that does not mean I don’t get it. Clearly the scenario above shows I totally get it, just it doesn’t work for me if I am the one doing the ‘service’.

That is not to say I don’t like cleaning because in some way I actually do. If I am stressed or anxious or even sometimes angry and good bit of what Michael named ‘stress cleaning’ goes a long way. I think it is the combination of moving my body and also the element of control. You can make things right. You can turn mess into order and that can be a really good feeling sometimes.

One of the other things I like about cleaning is when it is done. There is something about a clean bathroom or kitchen that is just hugely fucking satisfying. It a good job well done that I will make a happy sigh about as I walk away. It is an act of service to me. Also as far as I am concerned the only way to ever clean the bathroom is naked it. So whilst domestic service is not a kink for me if you do like to watch a woman cleaning in the nude, then you best pop round on the days when I do the bathroom because that always involves me getting naked. Cleaning the bathroom with clothes on is just a silly idea that always results in you changing your clothes because they are wet. Naked is the way to go!


I want to mention the amazing artwork on this post. It was created for me by the very talented AcidNova. She took a picture I sent her and my brief and turned it into this amazing creation. If you are looking to commission some art work for your blog or website then you should definitely get in touch with her. She is also on IG as acid.nova

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Kayla Lords April 16, 2020 - 9:21 pm

Ohhhh, I have thoughts about service!

And also, I have done the cooking/cleaning/etc as part of my service submission, and I no longer do. In fact, I’m glad I don’t anymore. It worked while it happened, but if I’d done it forever, I think I would have lost the sense of submission I was getting from it. (I HAVE THOUGHTS! TIME TO BLOG!)

Eve Ray April 16, 2020 - 9:42 pm

I look forward to reading more about your journey. On my journey I have experienced what an experienced switch told me years ago that subspace is beautiful but that dom space is intoxicating. I wonder how it will work for you?

Marie Louise April 16, 2020 - 10:11 pm

I was surprised to read the start! For a second I thought this was perhaps fiction but you have a dominant streak? That’s great haha!
I really get the aversion of having to clean just because it would be ‘your job’ and it’s one I’ve struggled a bit with because as a slave, it is your job. That’s kind of not a question. I mean, I could probably be my own kind of slave but I would also be ok with it in exchange for the lifestyle, which probably makes sense as how I identify and feel as a slave so… I trailed off a bit here lol.
Kink aside, I stress clean so often! And it’s a double win because stress goes a little and you get a clean house!

ams April 17, 2020 - 7:09 am

I “stress rearrange closets and stuff” does that count? I wish this domestic servitude would work with us but both of our submissive personas see it as a job. But it’s still a hot fantasy and I kind of get it. I think would gladly do it if it were not my kitchen…my own home is just too much connected to the daily grind.

Molly Moore April 25, 2020 - 12:16 am

Totally get the bit about daily grind and it not being sexy as a result

Joe April 17, 2020 - 5:28 pm

Having a nude male doing her housework is a fairly common female fantasy, from what I’ve observed.

There is always that combination of power and sex that makes your brain a bit swimmy, but I think for a woman seeing what her guy will do to please her is very potent. (Myself, I do like the serving/waiting on part of it. Just works for me.)

I have yet to meet a woman who thinks a guy will clean as well as she would, so it’s just the idea of it that gets things flowing. Tends to lead toward other forms of domestic service.

I like the thought of you cleaning the bathroom naked, but that doesn’t work for me. I don’t clean a tub so much as assault it. How you’d keep those noxious chemicals off your skin I don’t know.

In the kitchen, I wash my hands and wipe the countertop constantly. I’m a ‘clean as you go’ type. It’s a bit more difficult to put a sexual connotation on that, because you shouldn’t cook naked. Just…no.

Giving your lady a nice meal is a good thing to do. Plenty of time to strip down after.

LittleSwitchBitch April 19, 2020 - 12:31 am

I stress clean – I seem to clean whatever I am cleaning too because I want to release the stress. Almost killing whatever I cleaning with temper… or maybe that’s just me. I also scrub my shower while I am in it… I don’t do th enaked bathroom bit though as I am bleach and disinfectant happy so it flies everywhere.

Oh and I also do that happy sigh when I’m done a room too lol

nikki April 19, 2020 - 7:29 pm

I love this SO MUCH. I, too, thought for the better part of the last decade I was pure sub, but in the last six months or so, I have really begun exploring this developing Domme’ness and I have to say, I am digging it. I’m exploring a budding D/s dynamic as the D-type for the first time and it’s been incredible. I look forward to having those service discussions!

Thanks for sharing, Molly!


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