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Chicks before dicks

Molly with legs open and little yellow easter chicks by her feet

“Chicks before dicks, and all that.”
~ Sylvia Day

Clearly neither are an option but to be quite honest if they were I would definitely take dick over anything else right now. Actually not just right now because as I am definitely a dick kinda girl most of the time and going without is not a lifestyle that suits me but safety and health does come before dick. However once this is all over I plan to make up for lost dick-time in oh so many ways!

Happy Chocolate Egg Sunday to you all!

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  • Focused and Filthy

    So funny! Love the image. Love the quote. I’m a big fan of dick. But enjoying chicks more x
    Missy x

  • HappyComeLucky

    Love the image. I’m a fan of some chicks and, oh my, an I missing dick. Looking is keeping me going until I can get my hands and other parts of me on it again.

  • Cara Thereon

    Love this photo! And here’s to way more dick when things settle down!

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    What a fab image, Molly! I love this is a Sylvia Plath quote! Me, I kinda just love one dick and more a fan of chicks!

  • Sir Thomas

    A little like LittleSwitchBitch, I love just one dick (mine) and a big fan of all sorts of chicks, though yellow fluffy ones don’t turn me on. Certainly missing them at this time of isolation.

  • Mosscat

    Chickies and a lovely nest xxx. Sign of hope, too.

  • Miss Scarlet

    A perfect Easter image!

  • Marie Louise

    Omg Molly I LOVE this. This brings so much joy to my face. It’s a sexy picture and somehow it being on the grass makes it even more sexy. I love how we can see your butt with a small opening in the blurry background. The chicks are so on theme for today, and the colours of them in combination with your skin and the grass is very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Brilliant Molly . . . LOVE this in every way !!!
    Xxx – K

  • Victoria Blisse

    Such a fun, joyful image 🙂

  • Marie Rebelle

    Awww those little chicks are so cute. They made me think of the fun we had with similar chicks and eggs a couple of years ago. Happy Easter!

    Rebel xox

  • Bee

    You need dick…who knew 😂

    I love this image though, it’s sexy and full of spring all at once which just makes me smile!

  • DeviantSuccubus

    This picture made me smile! So cute and yet so sexy!

  • Francesca Demont

    Love the combination of themes! Great imagination and picture. xoxo

  • Julie

    Cute and very clever. Great image and great you’ve been able to get outside in the sun xx

  • Ouizzi

    oh Molly I hear you, making up for lost dick time is high on my agenda when this is all over too!
    Love that your little chicks are gathered with the daisies, so cute!

  • Mascha

    A little cuteness in this crazy times.
    Stay healthy, kisses from Germany

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