Afternoon nap

By on July 29, 2017.

I am not a big one for taking a nap. It is something Michael has encouraged me to do more often but as a general rule I find getting off to sleep really hard and so an hours nap involves 45+ minutes of trying to get to sleep and only 15 minutes of actual sleeping. The result is that I wake up feeling worse/grumpy and so unless I am poorly I tend to avoid them. However here in Greece things are different. There are no time limits of naps for a start, also this heat is my ideal operating temperature and so afternoon naps are totally a thing for us.

Whilst everyone else has the air-con on in their rooms I sleep with the doors and shutters open at night basking in the summer nighttime air. Michael loves me so much that he plays along with this despite that fact that I know he wants to ramp up the air-con to icy temperatures. The same is true during the day. All the rest of my family retreats to their rooms for a nap sealed off to the outside world and surrounded by horrible cold evil air-conditioned temperature but me, I take my nap au natural.

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  1. I hated naps. I’m too hyper for them and then I’m awake until midnight. BUT there are times when during the summer heat, a cool refreshing shower and a nap, laying naked is a slice of heaven.
    Great to see you both enjoying your vacay and getting some rest.
    SassyCat recently posted..Follow Me Down [SS329]My Profile

  2. Naps are not to be underestimated, be sure to enjoy them to the fullest 🙂
    With my back pain issues, I have learned to love them!
    Krystal recently posted..500My Profile

  3. I am so with on naps, I find it takes so much time to drop off they’re just a waste of precious time so unless I haven’t slept well for days/weeks on end it’s not something I generally partake in.

    As for the weather, I would totally join you in basking in the warmth but I end up hiding under thick duvets whilst the icy air con blasts away so he can get some sleep instead.
    Bee recently posted..There on the stairMy Profile

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