Solo performance

by Molly Moore
Pink bow on stocking tops

Carly shifted in her seat. The theatre was hot and stuffy and she wished she had worn something different but it was too late now. Here she was trapped in her seat next to her best friend Gina. In fact this whole thing was pretty much Gina’s fault not that Carly would ever tell her that. Gina loved these guys and had paid for both the tickets and when her sister had dropped out on her because ‘the baby needs me’ Gina had begged Carly to go with her and well, that is what you did for best friends, even when the show is so not your thing.

Finally the curtain swept down and the lights went up, the roar of applause quickly fizzled away as everyone dashed for the bar or the toilets.

“Do you want a glass of wine?” Gina asked

No thanks, I think I will save myself for afterward”

“OK” laughed Gina, “my treat, we can go to the snazzy little wine bar down the road. Here, hang on to my bag for me I need a pee”

Once she was gone Carly slumped further down in her seat and used the program to fan herself.

“You don’t seem to be enjoying the show?”

Carly turned and appraised the man in the seat next to her. Up to this point she had been aware of another human being sitting in the seat by her side but had paid them absolutely not attention whatsoever until this moment.

He was older than her, she suspected in his late 40’s. Not really Carly’s type at all. She liked them young and bearded and this guy was neither of those things.

“Not really my thing” she finally replied

“Ahhh and what is your thing?”

“Let’s just say, not this nonsense, my tastes tend to be a bit exciting”

“Interesting” he mumbled

Carly looked at him with a raised eyebrow but decided not to comment on what felt like a slight. After all she still had to sit next to this guy for the rest of the performance.

“Nice stockings”

Carly’s head whipped round and she was just about to unleash the full force of her Carliness on him when Gina’s flopped down in the seat next to her.

“Phew, just made it” she said as the lights in the auditorium started to dim.

Carly wriggled in her seat and tugged on her skirt to try to hide the tops of her stockings but as the music started up again another option popped into her head. A more Carly type of option and instead of tugging her skirt down she actually pulled it up a bit higher to not only reveal the lace of her stocking tops but the little pink bow on the clasp and a flash of the creamy white skin of her thighs.

She waited a few moments to see if he noticed but his eyes were fixed on the female artists fiddling away on the stage and so Carly being, well Carly she spread her legs wider and pushed her thigh tightly up against his.

That definitely got his attention.

But after a while she realised his eyes were back on the performers on the stage.

This time she rubbed her leg up against his and when she saw his head turn to look she let her hand trail down to thighs and reach up under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties and so it was easy for her to touch herself. She wanted him to know too and so she let her arm rest against his thigh as she worked her fingers expertly across her clit. Slowly at first, she didn’t want to rush things but as the show wore on and on and she sensed the climax of the performance approaching she increased the speed and pressure pushing her body on towards its own perfect performance.

Luckily Gina was so enthralled by her view of the artists from her expensive seats that she didn’t seem to be distracted by Carly’s constant fidgeting. Unlike her companion on the other side; he seemed to have completely forgotten about the stage and the music and was captivated by a whole different show.

The feeling of power over him and the wickedness of all of it only served to make Carly wetter and more turned on so that as the music musicians played out the final bars of their rousing piece Carly’s orgasm gripped her. The crowded leap to their feet, cheering and clapping filled the air around Carly. Damn it, she though as her mesmerized companion shuffled to his feet and started clapping along with everyone else and pulling down her skirt she got her feet next to him, turned slightly in his direction and performed a cutesy little bow. He looked at her, wide-eyed and with a slight look of shock on his face but his clapping got louder.

“THAT was more my thing” she whispered into his ear as the lights went up

Pink bow on stocking topsWicked Wednesday badge

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Mrs Fever August 3, 2017 - 4:14 am

And the cheeky ingenue unexpectedly steals the show… 😉


I’d love to read a critic’s review of THAT performance! 😛

Marie Rebelle August 3, 2017 - 3:24 pm

I would definitely also have concentrated more on Carly’s show 😉

Nice story!

Rebel xox

Cimm August 9, 2017 - 9:42 pm

What a fantastic performance 😉


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