Shower me

by Molly Moore
cropped image of molly in the shower edited in blue light

I switch off the shower and just stand there. Usually I would be reaching for my towel, wrapping the warmth round me, trying to preserve the heat from shower within my skin but not today. Today I open the window wide and stand in front of it waiting for the breeze to stir the around me. When it finally comes it is like a warm sultry breath upon my skin.

Even though the skies are grey today the air is hot and clingy. It feels oppressive and ominous. We need a thunder storm to clear it but it’s been weeks since it rained properly and everywhere the ground is dry and prickly with dehydration.

I love the heat and summer but today even I could do with a respite. Just a degree or two would be enough to reduce the thick clawing air that seems to stick to me skin.

But by the window, my skin still wet from the shower the warm breath of summer caresses me and my nipples pucker in response followed by the rest of my skin as little goosebumps dot my arms and chest. I push the window open further seeking more. As I close my eyes I find my mind drifting to gentle finger tips running up my leg and between my thighs. The softest of touches that make me arch my back in an offering.

I stand there and let my hand fall between my thighs. Everywhere is hot but here right here is the hottest of all. A throbbing need that even a cool shower can not drench. Maybe for a moment it takes the edge off it but soon it returns. That desire, that ache, that need and my mind imagines his fingers, his mouth, the invasion of him into me. The though makes me twitch and little moan rumbles in the back of my throat.

This shower was meant to cool me down but it doesn’t seem to be quite working out like that. Maybe if I get out and go and ask nicely he might have some sort solution for this heat.

Molly standing in the shower with wet skin editing in blue tones
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PiecesofJade August 3, 2022 - 8:12 am

So hot, in all the right ways. And of course I am wondering…did he take care of the heat for you?

Molly Moore August 8, 2022 - 10:03 am



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