Quick. Quiet. Quell.

by Molly Moore
Molly with leg lifted and skirt pulled up showing her knickers for post called quick

Quick” she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the cubicle with her latching the door behind her and quick she was, a flurry of hands and bodies, her lips on mine as she pressed me up against the wall. Her tongue snaking into my mouth, her kisses urgent and demanding, her body pressing into mine, grinding up against me as if she just couldn’t get enough of me.

As her mouth found my neck my eyelids fluttered open and I watched her, us in the fitting room mirror. It was one of those rooms with three mirrors, one behind us and two more on either side. The only part of this tiny room that didn’t reflect an image of us back to me was the door.

She shrugged off her coat, tugging the scarf from around her neck as she pulled at my clothes. For a moment I just stood there, frozen still by her activity, but then I grabbed her face, and pulled her back up to my mouth kissing her back. Her hands fumbled between us and somehow she managed to find her way through the layers of my clothes and unbutton my skirt. Her hands felt cold on my breasts but she didn’t care, she didn’t say anything as she pulled one of them from the cup of my bra and bent her head to take my nipple into the her mouth. The contrast between the cold and then the hot and way she tugged and twisted my nipple between her teeth made me gasp at the sheer intensity.

And over her shoulders there we were, her head bent to my breast, my shirt half open, my mouth open in response. Lovers. Her and me.

She sunk to her knees in front of me gathering up the patterned layers of the long ruffled skirt I was wearing.

“Can you be quiet?” she asked as her hand trailed down the inside of my thigh and lifted me leg. I wobbled on one leg, reaching out to the wall beside me to steady myself but then she placed my foot down on the little seat that was attached to the wall beneath the mirror.

She reaches in and tugs at my knickers, pulling them to one side. I can feel the air touch the heat of me, making me conscious of my wetness. She brings her face right close to my cunt and I hear her breathe in.

“You smell” she states in a matter of fact way. I can feel a little blush of shame rise in my cheeks. She chuckles. I am sure she knows the effect her words will have on me even though there is no way she can see my face from where she is, so close to me that I can now feel the warmth of her breath on my thigh, on the soft curls of my pubic hair on….

I can’t help it. A little groan escapes my lips as her tongue find my clit.

“Sssshhhhh” she whispers into the folds of my cunt and I cover my mouth with my hand. My muscles inside my cunt tighten in anticipation, or is it need? I want to feel her mouth on me and her fingers thrusting up into my needy cunt. I want her to make me cum here in this changing room with the sounds of the shop filling the air beyond the little door.

I watch in the mirror. Wide eyed at myself. Skirt tucked up around my waist, my foot hitched up on the seat, my cunt exposed to her and I clamp my hand down harder over my mouth, trying to quell the cries that want to burst from me as she fucks me expertly with her hand and mouth until I come in silent shudders for her.

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[…] Quick. Quiet. Quell. “Quick” she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the cubicle with her […]


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