Gym girls…..

by Molly Moore

January 27th 2010

I saw her at the gym the other day. She had the most perfect bottom I have seen in a long time. It was firm and plump and rounded, and she had a fine figure to match. Pert, full breasts held perfectly in place by her bra, under her gym kit, auburn hair tied back in a pony tail, and a flat stomach, but it was her arse that made me stare, that made me yearn for her. She was wearing track pants that had a white line that ran over the top of her arse, highlighting its fullness. They fitted snugly and intimately between her arse cheeks and the whole vision just made me long to touch her. I found myself wanting to run my hands over her bottom, cupping it in my hands and digging my nails into her flesh. I wanted to run my fingers down the seam of her clothes, tracing between her arse cheeks and beyond to between her legs. I wanted to reach into her track pants and massage her firm warm flesh that I would find there and then feel down between her legs and discover her pussy. I sat wondering if she was shaved, or waxed, or trimmed, did her colouring match that of the hair on her head, was she wet or just moist and what, oh what would she feel and taste like.

Standing behind her I circled her waist with one hand and reached inside her track pants, searching between the fold of her pussy to find her clit, the other hand snaking into her trousers from behind and feeling between her cheeks, briefly rubbing at her tight arse with my finger, before searching lower to find her wetness. Once I had felt her shiver and cum under my touch the first time, I undressed her, pealing her track pants off and exposing her nakedness to me so that I could see her properly, she was beautiful. For moment she was shy but I took her hand and led her to the bench, sitting her down and parting her legs for me. Kneeling in front of her I took her again with my mouth and fingers this time making her cum again and again, until her juices ran down over my hand and her breath came in gasps and moans and all she could think about was my mouth on her my fingers inside her and the throbbing heat this caused between her thighs……..

I do so love watching people at the gym, especially the girls, letting my imagination run riot, and as for the joys that the showers and changing rooms can bring, sigh….  But on this occasion it was more than watching and imagining, this was raw lust on a grand scale and I wanted that girl badly and I still do. I wanted to touch her feminine body and if by chance I had found out that she was untouched by any other women, if it was, in fact, her first time with a girl, that would have thrilled me and excited me all the more. I know, what can I say…..bad, bad Molly!


PS. When I told Sir about her he reminded me that I was not allowed to play with other men but apparently I am allowed to have any girl I so desired and can obtain….maybe if I see her at the gym again….who knows, I’ll keep you posted!

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Run January 27, 2010 - 12:47 pm

wow great all around (especially the details of your photo) unreal actually!


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