By on January 24, 2010.

January 24th 2010

Last week America proved that she is all women when she rather spectacularly changed her mind. Now we all know this a woman’s prerogative but in America’s case it leaves me wondering. Only a year ago America voted for Change! They embraced it, arms opened wide, and showed Mr Obama ‘the love’. Yet one year on and the state of Massachusetts has done a complete about turn and has rejected President Obama and his change, but why? They voted for changed didn’t they? I mean he was pretty clear about what he stood for, wasn’t he? Maybe America was not really listening, where they blinded by his image, in love with idea of him but not actually really listening to the words he spoke? Or could it be that change is tough and when the going got tough America decided they didn’t fancy change quite so much after all?

Personally I have always believed that, at its heart, America is a truly Conservative nation and I think they elected Pres O cause they got wrapped up in the hype, I don’t think they elected him for his political beliefs but because he was the ‘sexy’ glamorous candidate, and because there is nothing quite like making history to excite a nation.

Whichever is it, it is a pretty amazing about turn and it leaves President O with a bit of a battle on his hands if he is going to achieve some of the things he promised and it leaves people like me, the watchers of America, who find her, in all her different guises fascinating, wondering, just what America will do next……



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