I am Blessed

by Molly Moore

1st May 2011

I have a house that I own, 2 healthy children, an income, a car, and my health. There are tough parts of my life and over the years I have faced them and in the main overcome them successfully. Right now I find myself faced with the agony of being separated from the man I love, every day we exist apart as best we can, together in heart, mind, and spirit but separated in body. It sometimes feels like I am missing an arm yet I am blessed, I have this man in my life and I have all of the above.

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the fact that in comparison to many other women, most of us in the Western world are blessed with things that these women cannot even comprehend let alone desire. We tend to take these things for granted yet today I read something that reminded me of this fact; I take basic medical care for granted. I live but 5 minutes from my local hospital and only about an hour away from some of the best and most innovative teaching hospitals in the world. I have access to ‘free’ (let’s not look into social health care at this moment) health care. I am blessed to live in the UK.

Today I read a post written by The Girl at Defer and Submit, you will remember her I am sure, she was a recipient of my first Kiss of the Week. In this post she lays down a challenge to other bloggers to join her in Blogging For Charity and she highlights the work of The Fistula Foundation, an organisation that is working hard in Africa to bring medical help and care to woman who are suffering from a condition that was eradicated in the western world over 100 years ago.

Reading this post and most of all watching the video clip reminded me of all that I have in comparison to these woman and you, my readers have. I am not saying our lives are not without challenges and hardships but we cannot even begin to understand the lives of these women featured in this clip. So I am writing today to support The Girl in her blogging charity mission. Her challenge to bloggers out there is to help raise awareness and hopefully funds for organisations such The Fistula Foundation and for every blogger who joins her she is going to donate $20, up to a maximum of $500 to her chosen charity.

Please go and visit her site, please do watch the clip and if possible please make a donation to this organisation. Charity begins at home remember and this is about the house of woman…..after all when you strip back all the layers, the different cultures, languages, countries and lifestyles we are all still woman, we are all still humans.


Ps…. I have sent my own little donation to The Fistula Foundation, The Girl inspired me!


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V May 2, 2011 - 7:21 am

BIG KISSES Miss Molls… Too often we focus on the things we WANT and not enough on the things we have. This was a very inspiring post… in a different way 😉

Love you Lots.

Sophia May 4, 2011 - 3:59 am

So many charities… so little money. :(( My list is ever expanding….
Great post Molly and I hope it generates some extra cash. I’ll go check her site out. 🙂 xx


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