The Man Makes the Clothes

By on June 1, 2015.

He thinks I have a suit fetish, but he is wrong. It is not the suit that makes the man but the man that makes the suit and so when he puts on a suit (which is a rare thing) my eyes light up and my pulse quickens. Not because of the suit but because it is him in a suit.

Men in suits are absolutely everywhere. There is nothing unique, special or cool about putting on a suit in my opinion, and for me personally a man in a good fitting pair of fly button jeans is far more likely to catch my eye than a man in suit. I suspect many years of living with a man who wore a suit every day to work and would even chose to wear one at other times when it was not really called for rather dulled my senses to the allure of a man in a suit.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a look on men that I can appreciate. A good suit that fits well, regardless of your shape or build, tends to be a very flattering garment.  There are some men in this world who just look damn good in a suit but for the most part I find suits tend to clone men into ‘work-a-day professionals’ who apart from the odd snazzy tie or flash of colourful socks all appear to be wearing the ‘uniform of business’ which of course they are. Sadly in far too many work places you are just as likely to be judged on your suit as your are on the quality of your work which is possibly why we seem to be living in a world that values conformity and displays of wealth over creativity and intelligence.

I don’t think there is anything particularly Dom about wearing a suit, just as I don’t think owning a whip or a paddle makes you Dom either. Being dominant is not about the things you own or the clothes you wear it is about the person that you are and so suits are not something that I find a particular turn on for me. In fact the more often you wear one the far less likely I am to notice you have one on. I find that men who rarely wear a suit, well, when they do, there is something just that little bit more special about it as a result.

For me a man in a suit tends to be an unremarkable thing but not always. Sometimes, someone puts on a suit (3 times a year when we go to the Clothed Male Naked Female event) and it is a truly remarkable thing because I know just how much he loathes wearing one and he only does it because he loves me and because he looks seriously fucking hot in it, but then I think he looks seriously hot in a pair of worn old jeans and torn t-shirt, so maybe I am biased. I don’t have a fetish for suits, but I do have a massive, horn inducing, fetish for him in a suit.

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  1. Well said Molly!
    I agree entirely. He wears a suit everyday to work and he looks amazing but I also think he looks hot as hell in jeans and a casual shirt or cargos and a tee. It’s all about the man underneath the clothes isn’t it? His charisma, confidence and demeanour.
    Your title sums it up perfectly.
    Kat x

  2. I agree, he looks damn hot in a suit but he looks damn hot in anything. If anything it’s because he doesn’t wear one often so it’s something out of the norm.

    As for your image, he does scrub up well but the sight of the building behind is making me giddy with excitement 😉

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