Aural Sex

by Molly Moore
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This post is a mixture of my thoughts and some little nuggets of fiction that popped into my head when writing about these different subjects.


I don’t speak any other languages, unless you count my very limited French. I can just about order my dinner and a drink but anything beyond that is, well, beyond me. At school some people just seemed to pick it up, I suppose like lots of subjects some people just have a natural aptitude for it, but I really believe that is the case with languages, and in my experience the younger you start the better. Also people who are bought up bi-lingual households, somehow that seems to make it easier for them to learn additional languages. I went college with a girl who spoke Greek (her 1st language) as well as English and German and was in the process of learning both French and Spanish. She literally just seemed to absorb languages and I will admit I was envious of her for that and for the fact that her native tongue was the one language I have always wished I could speak.

I have long had a love affair with Greece. It is a country that I have visited many times and always felt truly at home there. There is just something about it that pulls me back time and again and if it was possible to order up a new skill mine would be to speak Greek fluently. I have had many fantasy daydreams about living in Greece. I doubt it will ever happen but if I ever win the lottery one of the things I will definitely do is buy myself a property there.

I don’t think I have a kink for the language of Greek but maybe somewhere deep down I have a bit of a kink for the country of Greece and thus by association the language that is spoken there. It is one that I think is very expressive. It has a rhythm and a tone that I find very pleasing to the ear.

Over the years Rosie had picked up the language of her new home. 10 year had passed since she had met Andreas on holiday and holiday had become home. She had not spoken a word of Greek when she arrived but gradually that had changed and now she managed OK but even after 10 years it was the words that Andreas spoke to her in his native tongue when he fucked her that turned her on the most. There was something about the way he spoke them, the growling delivery of the things that he said which ignited Rosie’s lust and Andreas knew it too and took delight in using it against her. Pinning her up against the wall at the back of the restaurant they ran together and whispering filthy words in her ear whilst biting at the skin on her neck. Even though she still didn’t understand half of the words he spoke it didn’t matter, it was the sounds, the rhythm and the clear intent of them which her body completely understood and still responded like the little slut he had seduced all those years ago.


There are two types in my opinion, those are regional but speak English such as Australian, South African, American, Scottish, Welsh etc and those that are the result of speaking a English as a second language. I have to admit there is something sexy about a soft Scottish accent as mastered by Sean Connery and also a Southern Irish inflection that is most easy on the ear. I have never had a Scottish or Irish lover but I have a feeling that being talked dirty to in one of those accents would probably work for me.

I have however had a French lover and her accent was utterly adorable. I love the way she speaks, not just the tone but the way her sentence structure can be slightly off and how sometimes the odd French word still slips in now and then. She claims not to sound very French at all but she is wrong as far as I am concerned.

I have never had a male lover with a French accent but if I ever got the chance I wouldn’t say to know. I have always thought Raymond Blanc ( A French chef in the UK for those who don’t know him) had one of the sexiest fucking accents I ever did hear and if he as passionate in the bedroom as he is about food, well that thought has always made me think that he would be a great lover.


I hate my own voice. Listening to myself on recordings makes me cringe but that seems to be a common thing for many people. However other people’s voices are completely different. I love Kayla Lords’ voice with the little southern twang and also Hyacinth Jones’ voice and accent always makes me smile. There is something so expressive about the way that she talks that I just find captivating. Also I admit to having a real liking for the word y’all that both these awesome woman use.

I remember the first time I heard Michael’s voice, it was also the first time I saw him on Skype. We had exchanged pictures before that and lots of words but this was the first time hearing and seeing him properly. It is a really vivid memory I have; I was wearing a long purple jumper, leggins and boots and I was about to go out. Both the kids where sitting in the hallway with their coats on ready to go. I remember staring at the screen into the face of this man who was full of smiles at finally seeing and talking to me and then feeling all flustered and a bit lost for words. Luckily he wasn’t otherwise that would have been awkward. I admit up to that point I had been trying to play it cool but also trying not to get too drawn into this guy. After all he was across an ocean and I was determined not to get hooked on some unobtainable bloke. However I walked away from that first call knowing in the pit of my stomach that all that determination had just melted away.

I think voices, like how someone smells and tastes are actually some of the most important things about a person. You can look very pretty but if the moment you open your mouth the sound that comes out is atrocious then all the pretty is not going to make a jolt of difference if you ask me. Finding someones voice attractive is something you can’t really explain or quantify just like their smell or the way they taste when you kiss them or go down on them. When it is right it is perfect and when isn’t it is a deal breaker.

Paula couldn’t wait to meet Johnathan in person. They had met on a dating website and very quickly moved from that platform to email and Whatsapp. What started as friendly chitchat had very quickly moved to flirting and then down round filthy talk. They just seemed to click and between them they wove detailed stories of what they would like to do with each other. Paula was rushing home from work most days so she could spend time reading his messages and furiously rubbing at her cunt making herself orgasm repeatedly during the evening and every morning she would wake and reach for her phone and come again as she reread the messages. Johnathan’s writing literally make her cunt ache no matter how much she made herself come it never seemed to make that ache go away. She had high hopes that meeting up with would finally help with that.

He suggested meeting for breakfast at the weekend and Paula happily agreed. When she got to the place he was already there. They had exchanged lots of pictures so she knew exactly what he looked like. He stood up as he saw her approach. She could feel herself blushing furiously beneath his glaze and fumbled with her coat and scarf as she took her seat.

“It is so lovely to finally meet you Paula” he said

Paula was stunned into silence, the sound of his voice was unexpected, overly loud almost shouty and he did this weird thing with his lips when he smiled at her that reminded her of her Grandmother’s dog who would roll his mouth back and show his top teeth when he was unhappy. All of a sudden Paula’s cunt didn’t seem to be aching any more.

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Cara Thereon May 23, 2018 - 11:45 pm

I like the stories you wrote! Though I haven’t had an accent or voice turn me off, I can totally tell how something can do that

Molly Moore May 23, 2018 - 11:48 pm

Has not happened to me either but I thought it was an interesting idea for a story. I have definitely turned up for a date and left fairly quickly but not because of their voice


Cousin Pons May 24, 2018 - 8:00 am

As I have a keen interest in voices and accents I enjoyed reading this wonderful post immensely. Such a good idea mixing fact with fiction. I will always watch Raymond Blanc cooking programmes slightly differently now!

Marie Rebelle May 24, 2018 - 11:14 am

I love how you have mixed in fiction with this. The second story definitely made me chuckle. As for languages, voices and accents, my post will be up tomorrow 🙂

Rebel xox

May More May 24, 2018 - 4:34 pm

I love Greece too and agree some just have the knack for picking up languages. I think if you have learned a second language at a young age it helps you with learning more – think it fires your brain in that way. I also feel that learning Latin helps you to pick up so many other languages.
I have been put off by a guys accent and stood him up because of it – will write about it one day. I was young and obviously very shallow! x

Petra Pan May 24, 2018 - 9:01 pm

Oh I do share your passion for a sexy accent! I have an ex who has the most gorgeous Scottish accent, he’s a handsome chap anyway but I only have to hear him call my name and I go weak at the knees. It’s my favourite accent I think. I quite like a nice posh British accent too.

PP x

Cammies on the floor May 24, 2018 - 11:22 pm

Some great thoughts on voice. And yes, I agree that someone could have it all but if the voice isn’t right, it’s not going to get me going.

Kayla Lords May 24, 2018 - 11:44 pm

Funny thing is that I adore your voice AND your accent. Especially when you start swearing in the way only British people can and do, lol. XOXO Love you, my friend!

Jo May 28, 2018 - 6:07 pm

“After all he was across an ocean and I was determined not to get hooked on some unobtainable bloke” – this made me laugh. 😀 I also hate the way my voice sounds when it’s recorded; it sounds so much higher-pitched. There have definitely been times in my life when I thought someone was hot, but then when they opened their mouth to speak, my attraction immediately ceased, especially if the person sounds like a frat boy or sorority sister – and other times when an accent I’m not normally into becomes attractive because of the person attached to it, as was the case with The Texan.

Bee June 8, 2018 - 10:04 pm

You’re so right about hearing your own voice, mine is just awful, it’s so deep and not at all sexy!


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