A little money – Findom thoughts

by Molly Moore
Looking down on mollys naked body with paper money scattered over her. You can see her breasts and her pubic hair, the image is grainy and have a mystical space light stars feel to it

In case you are unaware Financial Domination is also often known as Findom and is a type of power exchange relationship where the submissive gives money/gifts to the dominant partner. This post talks about my thoughts around this subject and whilst it is not my kink I am definitely not yucking anyone elses yum and if it is yours I would love to read more about why.

All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world

It’s a rich man’s world. True when these lyrics where written in 1976 and even truer now. It has always been a rich mans world to some extent but now those rich men have wealth that is beyond anything you can even imagine. It is more than yachts and private jets, it is an amount of money that is beyond what any one person could ever need or want. It’s immoral but this post is not a rant about the evils of capitalism but thoughts on the kink of financial domination.

Sometimes when a kink is not one that particularlly works for me I will write a piece of fiction. Even if it is not my kink I can usually still see how, or why, it is hot to other people and if I can do that then I play with that in my head and write a story. When I planned out he Kink of the Week prompts for this year and decided to do this one I wrote a note in my spreadsheet that just said fiction but as the date for this prompt approached I was struggling to come up with anything.

No matter how I play with it in my head, whether from the view point of someone being a findom or from the finsub point of you I just couldn’t seem to make it work. Sure I could write the mechanics of it but the thrill, excitment, arousal part elluded me and I think that is because this is one of the rare kinks that not only doesn’t really float my kinky boat it actually makes me uncomfortable and so sexualising it in any form is a real struggle.

I want to be clear here that if your are into Findom in any way, then how I feel about it is absolutely no shade to you. I have no judgement for anyone exploring their kinks in a risk aware, consensual manner. In fact if you are into it then I really hope you write it somewhere because I would love to read about why, and how, it works for you from both sides of the coin… see what I did there? *grins

Of course findom is not always about money or giving up control of your finances. It can be about gifting, both money and other gifts but that doesn’t really change how I feel about it. I like buying gifts for the people I love and care for but I also find gift buying extremely stressful. I overthink it and worry that they will be disappointed. I know this is learned from past experiences of buying gifts for someone that have been rejected or that illicted a response that showed their disappointment but it is a response that I struggle to shake off. I do love buying something for someone I love if I see something that I know they will like but I am also a big fan of people having a gift list so I can buy something I know they want.

When it comes to reciveing gifts I do love to get them. I feel like most people do but asking someone to buy my things mostly doesn’t work for me. I say mostly because I have had a couple of public gift lists over the years but I only created them in response to people asking me to do one. I actually had no expectations of anyone using them and the couple of times they have it has been absolutely lovely. In fact one time ultimatly lead to that person and I having a delicious sex filled meet up.

The gift buying in those circumstances was not in any way related to a power exhcange type of situation was more a form of flirtation or in the case of the other times about friendship.

I don’t think I would ever be comfortable having findom as part of a kinky relationship I was in regardless of which role I was in. Its just one of those kinks where really no aspects of it appeals to me in anyway.

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Ferns June 16, 2023 - 4:57 am

I am in no way a ‘findom’, but I did have a really sweet engagement with a finsub for a short while.

I wrote about it here, less ‘a kink’, and more about D/s.

Money is power, him agreeing to give some of his to me was both about power exchange and service.

How to find a finsub
How to find a finsub Part 2


Molly Moore June 17, 2023 - 4:37 pm

Thank you so much for sharing these. I do remember reading one of these before but they had totally slipped my mind. You capture the dynamic so well that I can see how it can work


Ferns June 17, 2023 - 11:39 pm

You’re so welcome :).

Findom can take any number of forms as you said in your post, and my little foray into it was unexpected and it worked surprisingly well for both of us: As an added bonus, my no-longer-finsub is still a good friend :).


Bee June 21, 2023 - 5:25 pm

I hear you, I would say lots in response to this but instead of writing it all in the comments, I refer you to my post instead *laughs

Jayden R Vincente June 25, 2023 - 5:17 pm

This has always been one of those kinks I’ve heard of but never really experienced either. I’ve come across a few subs who were into blackmail, and I could see it going that direction for them, maybe, but I never had any firsthand experience. I have certainly joked that it would be convenient to have a subby rich person to take care of Richard and I financially, though! 😉 (But that’s just a joke.)

Fiestry January 21, 2024 - 2:38 am

I’m perfectly happy indulging in my favorite fetishes without FinDom being a requirement. It’s not even in my top 5 because great experiences with finsubs are *rare* (for me at least?). They usually always leave me confused, annoyed, or unsatisfied; so I choose not to prioritize it.

FinDom isn’t something that I explicitly push, but it *is* sexy to me. I’m not happy being demanding (or even having to ask too often!) either. I enjoy the feeling of “manipulating/reprogramming” a sub’s mind to feel amazing when he sends me money. *Something else* that’s hot to me is a man with a “provider mentality.” He simply enjoys serving women with his money.

The finsubs who want me to demand and insult the money out of them, especially if they’re sending mini tributes, turn me off too.

My *favorite* way to engage with the kink/fetish is a bit more specific. “Offerings to a Goddess”. I think it’s hot to take it literally. You don’t say “hi” or “wyd” to a literal Deity. You bring her an offering and hope that she accepts it with shaky, nervous hands. To me, that’s *chefs kiss*


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