No words

by Molly Moore
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26th July 2010

I have been trying to write all day, but the words won’t come. My brain keeps jumping from thought to thought, I can’t get it to settle and find that place where I can let the words flow.

I slept in this morning, the first time in ages that I didn’t set alarm, just letting my body relax and wake when it felt ready to. There was no need to jump up, time to be somewhere and no one demanding my attention. I lay there and enjoyed the quiet and watched the sunshine peaking in between the curtains. Eventually the need to pee drove me to get up, but I wasn’t ready to start my day just yet and so I slipped back under the duvet and let my hands wander.

Closing my eyes, my thoughts instantly turned to him, and his hands running down over my breast and across my stomach. I was wet,  knew that without touching, but as I swirled my finger round in the sticky moisture between my legs I wished that it was his fingers there, not mine, exploring, probing, filling and stretching me. My body has been deprived these last few days and result of that is that instantly I find myself close to cumming. For a split second I contemplate defying him, but I know it would be a mistake and one that I would pay dearly for and so I stop.

The day rolls on, it’s almost midday by the time I make coffee and toast and yet today still seems to stretch out before me. The hours when I am without him always seem to drag. I use them wisely though, I put on washing, I read, I pack, I paint my toenails, pluck my eyebrows, shower and shave (and I don’t mean my face) anything but write it seems.

He calls me. Hearing his voice at least, I have missed him so these last few days and I just want him to talk, just talk to me so I can listen, but all too soon he has to go and as he does he says, ‘Don’t forget you need to write Slutmine’. Yes sir, I reply, and then he is gone, but so are the words, how can I write without the words?

This evening I saw him briefly again and I knelt before and begged him to let me cum. My fingers stuffed inside my pussy, rubbing at my hard clit and looking up at him begging.

“Are you close Slutmine?” “Oh yes Sir, please Sir, please can I cum?” “So all you need is to hear those words, all you need is for me to tell you to cum?” “Yes Sir, I am ready Sir……” “No!” “No, Sir?” “No, I told you to wait and wait you will, now take those fingers out of that pussy you dirty little bitch, and no pouting either, it won’t make me change my mind and I might just think about punishing you for it.”

Finally my day is at a close and there are only 4 more days to go before I shall be back by his side again. My body aches for his touch, my lips tingle for his kiss and my eyes crave to see him properly again. I want to smell him, touch him, taste him and once he has reclaimed me as his, I want to lie underneath him and feel him cum inside me, watching his face as he does and hear him growling out my name and telling me he loves me.

I seem to have ended my day as I started it, wet and throbbing, yearning and aching for him, my brain filled with thoughts of what is soon to come. The words still elude me, these ones will have to do for now.


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Signs July 26, 2010 - 10:44 am

…and Friday is very close…

DonDiego July 28, 2010 - 12:49 am

Got a song for you two love birds. The video is not good but the voice and words are lovely, IMHO.


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