Worth The Wait!

by Molly Moore
Trouser round ankles

21st February 2010

“Now, where were we Slutmine?”


“Oh come now my love, don’t tell me you have forgotten already?”

“Forgotten Sir?” I reply, my brow furrowing in puzzlement.

You chuckle as you take my chin between your fingers and tilt my face up to yours….

“Such a pretty little confused look, my darling Slut, but I don’t believe it, you know what I am talking about, there is still one left”

A little shiver runs down my spine and my eyes leave your gaze and flicker downwards trying to mask them from your view.

“I told you it would be today Slutmine, you still have one last punishment left, don’t you?

“Yes Sir” I whisper back, then remembering our plans my eyes flash up to yours as I say…. “But Sir, what about the cinema, and dinner, we will be late?”

“No we won’t, we have plenty of time yet and I promised you dinner and dinner you shall have along with the movies too, but all in good time”

Trouser round anklesAs you speak you reach over my shoulder to the kitchen counter and from the utensils pot you pull out a wooden spoon, for a brief moment you study the item and then slapping it against the open palm of your other hand you turn back to me and say…

“Yes, plenty of time Slutmine for what I have planned.”

The cool of the granite work top contrasts sharply with the warmth of my hands as I place them gently on the edge, behind me you stand, and run the wooden spoon slowly over my jean clad arse. My fingers grip the edge of the work top tighter in anticipation of what is to come, but nothing. There is a pause and then your hands pull roughly at my belt and buttons and you yank my jeans and panties down round my knees exposing my arse.

“Much better” you mutter to yourself

This time I close my eyes as I feel the smooth wooden implement caressing my skin, I know there will be stopping now.

The spoon stings, the sound of it meeting with my flesh fills the room, a sound similar to that which your hand makes upon my arse but with a slightly more resounded snap to it. My eyes are tightly shut, my forehead wrinkled in concentration as I fight the urge to cry out. I know without looking that the skin on my bare arse is starting to glow, I can feel the heat beginning to burn deep within me, each stroke of the spoon sending shock waves from my arse straight to my throbbing wet pussy. In the end I loss the fight to stay quiet, my moans building, turning from low guttural grunts to loud yelps at each and every stinging impact.bruises made with wooden spoon

Your rhythm is relentless, even as I start to twist and turn to try to guide the spoon to new, less tender spots, you carry on. At one point grabbing a handful of my hair to keep me still, growling at me to stop wriggling, that it will only make it worse and reminding me there is only way to make it stop, but I am stubborn about that and I bite back the word, the word that will free me, and push my body on, taking more and more but then something snaps. I don’t know what, maybe it’s the threshold, not that I know what that is, maybe it’s the unbearable heat of my skin, maybe it’s the throbbing between my thighs, maybe it’s the fact that I can feel my legs starting to shake, maybe it’s the sweat that is gathering on my brow and maybe it is that I am finally broken, taken to the edge by you and now dangling over it needing to be rescued, whatever it is I call out the word. It is my cry for help.

I hear the spoon clatter to the tiled floor, as the strength seeps from my legs and I start to crumple you grab at my waist, pulling me back up to standing, my breath is coming in short desperate gasps and I try to turn in your arms to face you but you hold me tightly in place. I can feel your free hand fumbling between us, and I gasp as the buckle of your belt rubs up against my sore skin.  With one hand still tightly snaked around my waist you guide my hands back to the counter and draw my hips back towards you. The punishment has taken its effect on you too, and you are hard and hungry for me. You thrust into my throbbing wet cunt, driving deep into me; both your hands grip my waist tightly as you fuck me from behind.

The skin on my arse burns as you dig your fingers into my flesh, gripping me, holding me, pushing me harder towards the edge again. I am crying now, with relief, unknown emotions cascading over me, and I let them come, let them devour me, my body is at this moment so completely yours and it would seem that you are not done with it yet…….

I am now your cock hungry slut, bending my body over the counter and arching my back, trying to open myself up further to you, wanting as much of you as is possible to be inside me, filling me fucking me. Your fingers dig deeper and harder into my arse and I growl in reply as my cunt muscles twitch around your cock. You can feel me tighten but for once I am to be denied and you stop.

“No cumming my little cunt, this is not the end of your punishment” and as if to remind me of that you raise your right hand and apply 3 rapid spanks onto the side of arse.

And so you take me, fucking me for your pleasure, slow deep strokes, enjoying the feeling of my wet cunt wrapped around your cock. My legs are shaking again now, as I try to keep myself under control, as I concentrate on fighting the building need within my pussy to cum.

“Oh please Sir, please, please, please let me cum, I can’t stop it”

“Yes you can” you reply but as if to make sure you pause for a moment, letting me catch my breath but your hard cock jumps and twitches inside me and I know that you are close to cumming as you slowly start to fuck me again. Long, slow stokes, just the way you like it. My pussy clenches around you in response and again you growl at me

“Noooo cumming little slut, this is to be for my pleasure only”

All I can in response is whimper, my mind battling to keep my pussy under control. My eyes are shut tight, and my breathing laboured as I concentrate on controlling my pussy muscles, muscles that are screaming out to me to let them go so they can ripple, and pulse their happy dance of release.

No. Cumming. Sluttttttttt! You growl through gritted teeth….. “the only cum you will get for now is miiiiiiiiiiine” and with that your cock erupts inside me and you fill my pussy with your seed. The sensation is nearly enough to push me over the edge, your cock twitching and pulsing deep inside me and the heat within my pussy all serve to make me cry out begging….. “Oh God please Sir, please?

Wrapping your arms around my waist you pull me up close to you and whispering into my ear you say… “No my little slut, now, down on your knees and clean me up”

Kneeling before you my whole body aches for release, my pussy still clenching, needing to be filled again and my clit enlarged and throbbing, with your cock in my mouth and taste of both of us on my tongue I look up at you, pleading with my eyes, but it’s to no avail. Finally once I am done you do your trouser back up and pulling me to my feet tell me to get my trousers back on too and find my coat. “Time for dinner, Slutmine” you tell me.

All through the meal I am can feel my clit rubbing, through my panties, against the rough seam of my jeans and the burning sting of my beaten arse constantly nagging at me. Every step, every moment reminds me of my need, my unsatisfied lust. After the meal, as I rise to leave the restaurant I get the ultimate reminder of your earlier use of me, as you cum leaks from pussy, leaving my panties wet and sticky against my delicate skin. I can’t help wriggling a little, trying to adjust them, when I look up you’re smiling at me, that knowing smile. The one that tells me you know just what how much of a desperate little slut I am right now.

As we queue for our tickets for the movie, your arms snakes round my waist and you pull me close to you, nuzzling and nipping at my neck until I am nearly shaking in your arms. Just as we reach our seats you turn to me and say…. “Soon”

“Soon?” I reply but all you do is put your fingers to your lips as if to shush me.

I love the movies, I curl up in my seat, my head resting on your shoulder, your arms wrapped round me, like this I feel so contented, safe, and even though the dampness lingers between my thighs my body starts to relax and the earlier sexual tension that we coursing through my blood stream starts to settle.

The movie is passable, the special effects impressive, the story a tad weak maybe but it doesn’t really matter, I am with You, what more could I want, little do I know at this point that it is you who will be demanding more from me. I guess the film is about 2/3rds of the way through when you move to one side, forcing me to sit up slightly. You lean your head over towards mine….

“Now, Slutmine” you whisper

I look at you, confused, questioning you with my eyes

“Now. I want you to cum now, here, for me…..”

Instantly it is back, that sexual urge, that wanton need to cum. Just your command has me right back where I was, throbbing and aching, wriggling in my chair, the dirty used slut alive and on fire within me again.

Hand reaching into pantiesUnbuckling my belt on my jeans and popping the button I slip my hand inside my panties. Pushing my hand into my waist band I rub one finger down over my crack, I am soaking, your earlier cum now mingled with my own rush of wetness. I let my finger glide over my clit, circling around the smooth skin that surrounds it before finally brushing over it. All the while I am watching you, and although you seem to be still watching the movie I can see that out of the corner of your eye you are watching me. I am rubbing harder now, digging my nail in slightly, and slipping down further into my seat so that I can get more of my hand inside my jeans.

I am so desperate to cum now, I don’t really care where I am or if anyone has noticed what I am doing, all I can focus on is my need and you. I bite down on my lip as my orgasm buzzes through me, starting off deep within my pussy walls and fluttering down and out and making my thighs twitch and my hips buck as it washes over me.

For a moment I pause, my fingers still stuffed down my panties, bathing in my wetness, stroking my folds and caressing my now over sensitive clit but as you shift in your seat it brings me right back to where I am and what I have just done. I can feel the heat rise up into my face as I fumble with my jeans and belt and try to put myself back together. As I go to brush my hair back behind my ears I can smell it, on my fingers, that strong and undeniable smell of us and reaching over I draw my fingers under your nose, letting the scent linger there, hoping that if I keep them there long enough the scent will stay there even when my fingers are gone. Rubbing my still damp fingers across your upper lip and cheek I finally move them away….. “Mmmmm, good girl” you mutter. Your praise makes me brave and I drop my hand into your lap, what I find there tells me all I need to know about just how pleased you really are with me. I think it was probably at this point that I decided the movie we had chosen was about 20 minutes too long, but just like before, it would be worth the wait.


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zenagirl February 21, 2011 - 10:22 pm

I am definately shipping that case of spoons to you. Should be there by 10:30am tomorrow.
Promise me you’ll name one after me.
Love and kisses,

mollyskiss February 21, 2011 - 10:35 pm

We already named the wet patch after you, do you have to be the spoon as well? 🙂


casino slots March 27, 2011 - 9:14 pm

You are a very talented blogger, and I absolutely love reading your posts.


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