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Molly on her hands and knees in the corner of the room

Being ‘sent to the corner’ is not really a kink for me. In fact it kind of makes me uncomfortable and as a result I have not posted this image because in my head it hints at something that I struggle with. There feels like there is submissiveness to it that is just not me, the loss of identity coupled with the idea of being banished or ignored are not things that turn me on and yet I love this image. I like the way my body looks, the way the light falls over my back and hips. I think I look strong. I am not cowering, I am not hiding. There is a confidence about the way I am holding myself that contrasts strongly with the fact that I appear to be in the corner of the room. Tonight when we talked about this image and I tried to explain to him why I was reluctant to post it he said I was over thinking it but he was wrong. I wasn’t thinking enough, because the moment I started telling him my problems with it and he asked me what it was I liked about the image I realised that I had mistakenly seen weakness when in fact what it shows is a raw vulnerability and sharing that with him is not a weakness but a strength.

Molly on her hands and knees in the corner of the roomSinful Sunday badge

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  • Laurie


    Finding personal strength in humiliation. & shame.

    So totally this!

  • Malflic

    I think it is a very hot image. Maybe for different reasons the Signs. Had you not talked about the feelings it evoked for you my interpetation would have been that you were retrivieng something wondefully wicked and fun. Of course while offering a mesmerizing view.

    • Molly Moore

      One of the reasons I really liked it was the view of my body it offered and yet that corner bothered me so much.


  • f dot leonora

    i swear, there is not a bad angle of you…

    • Molly Moore

      Haha, oh trust me, there so is!


  • Logan

    I think there could be a lot of imaginative back stories to go with that amazing pic. And I didn’t even imagine it as weak or submissive when I first viewed it.

  • kinkybikermom

    a naughty girl in the corner before her spanking?? this leaves the mind to wondering what she did to be put in the corner…love the image

    • Molly Moore

      Actually no, which was why I wrote what I wrote, the ‘in the corner’ thing is not something I like and that is why this image bothered me for so long


  • Jack (and Jill)

    As I read the first couple lines of your intro I wondered exactly what kind of image I’d find below. When I scrolled down, I was pleased to see a very appealing confidence and strength, perhaps a different sort than is usually on display in your Sinful Sunday images. In my eyes it doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re in the corner or elsewhere; you carry yourself in a manner that is erotic and very appealing, and while it may suggest submission there is absolutely no loss of identity, no impression of banishment or of being ignored. Your images always captivate me, but I suspect this may be a new favorite.

    • Molly Moore

      Thank you


  • Jane

    As others have already said, you look beautiful and captivating in this picture. And, yes, strong. But, to me, there is also a sort of reluctant shyness to it. My eye goes again and again to your foot – the tension in it as it rests on your calf. It speaks to the vulnerability you mention and, thus, threads the strength through with something deeply intoxicating.

    I think this is one of my favourite pictures of you to-date.


    • Molly Moore

      Thank you. I do love the shape of my body and the pose, which as you say has a certain amount of tension in it


  • SilverDomUK

    Beautiful in so many ways. I agree, it shows strength, not weakness.

  • Angela Goodnight

    You overthunk it!

    Good image.

    • Molly Moore

      I don’t think I did, one of the reasons I take the pictures of myself is to challenge me. I have learned a great deal about my body and my relationship with it through my self portrait work. After I took this picture I kept it for ages, not sharing it here for reasons I could not quite put my finger on. By really thinking it through and talking it through I learned something about why that was.

      Thank you for your comment


  • shalla

    if i break this image and your words down… this is what i see and undertsand

    your body is strong and beautiful
    there is some discomfort visible in the lines but also pleasure

    the image in total is lovely
    it can mean so many things depending on the person viewing it and if there are words or not

    your words…
    i hear you
    there are some images or stories i have written that i want to share
    often i save them till i am at a point in my life or situation where i feel safe enough to figure out what is holding me back

    your feelings are valid
    they are yours based on who you are and where you have been and where you want to go
    validation hurts when confronted

    from what you wrote
    you are at a point in your life when you can confront the feelings that pop up, the demons that linger at the back of the mind and the doubts people try to force onto others when we are younger

    you are with someone safe that you can explain these things to
    they are now words… they are not you

    you can sit in the corner and be beautiful, posing for the camera… but you are not weak, you are not a victim of anyone
    you are loved and your feelings are valid

    • Molly Moore

      Thank you lovely. Just to be clear it is not a child hood memory that sparks my dislike of the ‘the corner’ but more how it connects with feelings of being ignored and invisible during a previous relationship.


  • Oleander Plume

    If I didn’t know you, or read the intro, here’s how I would see this photo:

    I see a strong, beautiful woman who stays true to herself. Maybe she’s not heading into the corner, but backing out of it, or perhaps crouched there to tease. It’s a beautiful shot of you, Molly!

    • Molly Moore

      Thank you


  • Cammies on the Floor

    I saw this as almost waiting pose until I read the words. I agree that it shows strength in the way that you are posed.

  • HappyComeLucky

    Even though there is a corner in this picture, there is nothing about it that triggers thoughts of being banished there. There is pure confidence in your body. If you had been sent there, I would see either shame and defeat or brattish resistance. As it is, I think you look more as if you are retrieving something. If the corner wasn’t there, your form screams ‘follow me’ with absolute sexual confidence and strength.

  • HappyComeLucky

    Also – you look fucking sexy and definitely tick all my love of backs, arse and thigh boxes.

  • KaziG

    I’ve never been sent to corner but I hope I would present such a strong, beautiful image as this were it the case! I don’t see lack of identity here at all.

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Hyacinth

    Such a provocative image, Molly, and coupled with your thoughts it’s an image that draws me into the corner with you, but with strength and honesty. xx Hy

  • Ouizzi

    Had I not read your words I don’t think I would have even noticed you are in a corner. Your pose is striking and beautiful, there is a real strength across your back and with the wonderful curve of your bottom there is no way you could be ignored x

  • Exposing40

    That’s why I love photography so much…it has the power to make us think, question, reflect, challenge, learn…at a global level and at a very personal level. Wonderful words and beautiful image. Xxx

  • SassyCat

    I’m with “exposing40” … photography makes us think, question, etc.
    I look at your photo and see someone is who courageous and strong and very body positive. To me, it’s a moody, innocent and trusting photo. When I read your words I get see that you are human, vulnerable. I think you did a splendid job pushing yourself through your personal challenge. 🙂

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Sharing is indeed . . . or should be . . . one of our greatest strengths!
    Xxx – K

  • John

    I hate been ignored in that way too: human furniture, etc. The disconnect that occurs, being ignored and divorced from intimacy. It’s horrible.

  • MariaSibylla

    This is such a gorgeous photo. The composition, the shading, the curve of your back, the position of your feet, all create a sense of movement, almost a prowling. If I hadn’t read your words, that’s what I would have assumed, a prowling. Because the curtain looks like it might be over a doorway that you are about to go through. But reading your words, I see the photo in a different context. A tension indeed, but a beautiful one.

  • Sex Is My New Hobby (Zoë)

    The photo is lovely, but your thoughts are more interesting to me. I have often been accused of overthinking, but the person doing the accusing was wrong – because the things I was thinking about weren’t meaningful to them, they projected that meaninglessness onto my own process.

    You had an emotional reaction to the image, and emotions aren’t wrong, they just are. I’ve had this happen to me while reading certain material – I have an instantaneous emotional reaction and it takes a while for my thinking brain to catch up and figure out what happened. But if I pay attention, my emotions will guide me to a better understanding. Sounds like that’s what happened to you – trust your gut!

  • sub-Bee

    I’m in agreement with your sentiments, I’ve been ignored all my life, I know I should be used to it but I hate it and if he pushed me in the corner and ignored me I’d be totally lost.

    This really is a beautiful and strong image!

  • Marie Rebelle

    It’s a beautiful image and indeed, it doesn’t portray weakness at all. Only strength of a beautiful woman!

    Rebel xox

  • Cheeky Minx

    This is such a darkly sexual and complex photograph and piece for me.

    It is truly breathtaking in colour, light, pose and framing. And your words have added a depth that only leaves me in awe, yet again, of your talent.

    ~M x

  • twiglet at 100acresub

    I can see the strength in the image, as Jane says in her comment, there’s tension there and the form of your back. But you’re facing away, and to me that is where some of the vulnerability is too, you can’t see us watching you, watching the body pic, you can’t see who or what might come up behind you… it means trust… keep thinking and I love that you talk to DomSigns about each image too (not that I doubted you didn’t really if I engaged my brain) …

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