Trolling the Net #52

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

So this week, mainly due to lack of time, I have decided to combine my weekly round-up of sexy bits and pieces with my February Photofest post. A 2-in-one if you like…

And because it is February this will all be about images…

Mirror by Miss Scarlett Writes…

I love mirror self portraits and this one is particularly good with the circular mirror framing her beautiful breast. I also wanted to share this to let people know that Miss Scarlett has had to drop out of Febphotofest due to having a surgery for a detached retina. I am sure you will all join me in wishing her a speedy and full recovery.

Day 16 by Little Switch Bitch

This is a great bit of picture editing, that has transformed this shot into a piece of almost abstract modern graphic art.

Reflections by Dr. V

I am a big fan of reflection shots and this is a cracker from Vixenne. The way the curve of the toy leads the eye to the ball shaped end where we discover her inside the toy is super cool.

Opening G(Ambit) by Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole

I actually think she should have called this image Bermuda. To see why you will have to go and read her words.

Monochrome by The Other Livvy

I don’t know if she shot it like this or cropped it like this but either way it is genius.

Day 23 – Lascivious Lucy

This is freaky and clever and I totally love it.

Red Revisited by Sassy Cat

This reminds me of Jack Vettriano painting, the colours, pose, the lighting and the way it oozes eroticism.

And finally me…. And my image today is a little selfie I snapped of myself sitting completely naked in a tree stump in the woods after I had been taking self portraits.

Molly sitting naked on tree stump looking up at camera in black and whiteFebphotofest badge 2018

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