Trolling the Net #65

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 65

It is Friday, well OK now you are reading this it is already Saturday. I hope your Friday rocked and I hope your Saturday has potential but to get you going in the right direction here are some delicious nuggets of words and pictures for you to enjoy.


On Dick Pics by Hannah Lockhardt

Hannah deals with when absolutely not to send a dick pic, which is actually most of the time but then she then goes on to explain exactly when a how a dick pic is hottest thing ever and I couldn’t agree with her more

“Dick pics from a significant other or paramour can absolutely be The Sexiest Thing.”

Tech Daddy Thursday by Michael Knight

If you follow Michael on Twitter you may have noticed his #techdaddythursday tweets that are a series of tweets about a tech related subject for bloggers etc. In order for them to reach a wider audience he has also been posting them on the Eroticon blog. So if you are a blogger of any description or using social media to promote yourself then you should really check them as they are full of his tech wisdom.

Release by Pieces of Jade

I have missed Jade’s fiction writing so I was delighted to see these two filthy little vignettes appear on her blog this week. She is such a good writer and it is lovely to see her dabbling in fiction again.

“His strokes are slow, his touch sure. Squeeze and pull, cup the head and then pull back down, squeezing all along his cock’s beautiful, perfect, length. She watches as his eyelids flicker with the movement of his eyes behind them. She wonders what he is fantasizing about.”

Do you want a Daddy Dom? I do… by The Beautiful Kind

My answer to the question would probably be no but then I read this (which is a guest post on Kendra’s blog) and realised that would be a silly one because according to this beautiful description I actually already have the most perfect Daddy Dom.


Hanging Out by Exposing 40

I can totally picture this fantastic image hanging on the wall of a huge white gallery space. It would be a show stopper for sure.

Modesty Abridged by Modesty Albaze

In case you don’t know this is the Millennium footbridge which runs from the Tate on the Southbank over to St Pauls on the North. It is ALWAYS busy so how the hell she managed these I have no idea.

Sinful Sunday 363 by Steamy Bedtime

This is a picture from back in March but I stumbled across it again this week and decided it should definitely get a mention because it is brilliant. The blur of his hand and the little kick of her leg really capture the moment perfectly. I can almost here the sound of flesh on flesh when I look at this.

Layby by Happy Come Lucky

There is something incredibly sexy about having a wank in the car in my opinion. It is the idea that it is both very public but also hidden at the same time. I think this image captures something of that for me, the urgency and illicitness of it.

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Jade June 23, 2018 - 11:44 pm

Thank you so much for the shout-out, Molly! I always forget how much I enjoy writing fiction til I do it again… ?


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