Razor edge

by Molly Moore
Pink razor on white towel in the foreground in focus and in the background out of focus is molly laying with her legs open

Shaving him…

I never shaved a man before I met Michael. We shower together a lot and that meant I would watch him shaving. I was fascinated. I loved watching the way he ran his fingers over his face feeling his way around, finding any little patches he had missed. Always starting on the same side, always finishing in the same place not even really concentrating on what he was doing it was so second nature to him and then one day…

“Can I have a go?”

He handed me the razor but then guided me with his hands explaining how to trace the direction the hair grows in with your fingers and how much pressure to apply. Since then I have shaved him many times, although I still struggle with the bit right underneath his nose. That bit is tricky and he always has to finish it off for me. My favourite is in the bath because there is just a more leisurely pace, no worrying about the hot water running out (yes out water tank is shit) and I can spend time and really concentrate on the task.  However now that he has a beard that has all changed

Now I shave him with hair clippers. He lets me cut his hair, although he tries to put it off as long as possible as he contrary about that but he will regularly ask me to trim his whiskers. He does not like his beard when it gets big and full as he says it gets itchy and makes him hot so he will get the clippers and out and ask me to trim it right back.

It is different from the shaving with a razor. I am more confident with the clippers and feel like I know what I am doing. I get to do something just for him; he sits and lets me tend to him. Within our relationship dynamic where he is definitely the carer this almost feels like a special treat, where I am the one wielding the tools and doing something to him. I was going to say there is something wonderfully intimate about it in a non-sexual way but writing this has made me realise that whilst it might not be a sexual act it definitely has a strong element of eroticism to it which turns me on.

As for other body hair he shaves his testicles and trims his pubes. I have expressed a desire to shave his nuts but so far I have not been granted permission to do that. Whenever I suggest it he always reminds me of the ill-fated attempts of holding his dick while he pisses. Apparently I was a bit heavy handed and reactionary. I have pointed out that I can shave my vulva so it can’t be that much different from his testicles and he yet again points out that was what I said about the pissing and look how that went. I live in hope though that one day I will get to have a go.

Shaving Me…

I am definitely a shaver when it comes to my own body hair, legs, pubes and armpits. I do my legs most days and armpits a couple of times of week, less in the winter to be honest, but my pubes are pretty much an everyday thing. If I skip a shower or have a lazy day then I won’t do it but apart from that it is part of my daily washing routine.

I know a lot of people struggle with shaving their pubes because it makes their skin sore or they get a  shaving rash or in-growing hairs but I have never had a big problem with that.

My top tips for you when it comes to shaving your cunt are

  1. Use a moisturiser on the hair on your public mound. It helps to keep the skin soft and also the hairs. Use something unscented and don’t use too much either.
  2. Use a good hair conditioner to soften the hair; this is particularly good if you have coarse, thick hair. It can be particularly good as a shaving cream.
  3. Make sure you razor is clean and most important of all sharp. I also know when it is time for a new razor as after I have shaved it will look a little bit red.
  4. Shave with the grain. Going against the grain is what causes in-growing hairs in my opinion.

I can’t ever imagine a day where I won’t shave my pubes. I don’t shave because he likes it but because I like how it feels and looks. I did let them grow a little while ago for a Kink of the Week about them because I had not had them for so long I felt I should just check that what I thought was the case was still true. Growing them made me realise that I was absolutely right, they drove me mad. They are itchy and annoying and they stick through my knickers. Maybe when I am super old and can’t be bothered with it any more they might make a comeback but I can’t imagine they will would any less annoying then than I found them to be recently.

And what of him shaving me? Well it is not something we have done…. yet!

He calls me upstairs. On the bed he has laid a thick white fluffy towel and on the floor at the foot of the bed he has a small bowl of water.

“Take off your clothes and lay down.” he says

Once I am on the bed he wraps his arms round my thighs and drags my closer to the edge of the bed so my legs are dangling over the edge.

“Bend your knees, open your legs” he directs

I can always feel myself getting turned on and he has not even touched me yet. I lay there with my legs open and he sits for a moment and just looks at me, just looks at my cunt

“So pretty” he mutters as he reaches down to the floor beside him.

He wets a flannel in the warm water and uses it to wipe my cunt and then he lathers up the body wash in the palm of his hand and spread it over me. It feels slippery and warm, a bit like me.

He shaves my public mound first and then turns his attention to my labia gliding the razor over first one and the other and then I can feel his fingers sliding over my soapy skin feeling for any bits he has missed. He parts my lips and runs the razor up the inside, getting the few little stray hairs that grow there.

“Tilt your hips up” he instructs.

He runs his finger down past the opening to my vagina and over the delicate bit of flesh that sits between my vulva and my arse. He smears the soap around and then uses his fingers to hold me apart there so he can shave me. I can feel his breath on my thigh as he leans in. I know he is looking right at me. I wonder if he can see that I am wet or is the soaping masking it.

The thought makes me whimper.

He completely ignores it and carries on engrossed in his task of shaving me for him.

When he is done is takes the flannel again and wet it, wringing it out over my cunt and letting the water run down over my flesh and onto the towel below. The little droplets of water feel good as they fall onto my clit and then run down me. Eventually he wipes all the soap and away and uses the corner of the towel to pat me dry. Then he sits back and admires his handiwork.

I close my eyes and wait. What will he do next? Maybe he will lean forward and lick my newly cleansed flesh, letting his tongue trail over the lips and into my folds, finding my clit and rubbing it expertly with his mouth. The thought of his beard rubbing up against me makes me shiver with longing and anticipation.

Or maybe he is already hard, just as I am already wet and he will remove his trousers drag me right to the edge of the bed and drive his cock straight into my cunt.

Just the thought of it makes me want to touch myself…. Hopefully just the thought of it might work for him too.

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Marie Rebelle June 20, 2018 - 8:42 pm

First of all: the image is BRILLIANT!

I have never shaved Master T, because I don’t know him anything else than with a beard, but, I always do his hair with the clippers. I actually just did it today and he did his beard. I love when he has just done it as it looks really nice and neat.
As for myself, I still use my razor, but not on my pussy anymore. I am totally converted to Brazilains.

Love your sexy fantasy!

Rebel xox

Cara Thereon June 21, 2018 - 1:22 am

I loved watching you cut his hair. It was incredibly fascinating in ways I’m not sure I could describe. Intimate is definitely one word.

Zebra Rose June 21, 2018 - 10:10 am

The closest I’ve ever been to blade-play was to allow an ex to shave my cunt. To be told “keep still now” with that element of risk if I moved was extremely hot.
I love the smooth, pretty results but I usually can’t be bothered to wax, shave or use cream more often than every couple of months. Of course, if I were being instructed to do it more often that would be different!

Posy Churchgate June 21, 2018 - 8:56 pm

I personally prefer waxing, but your description of the shave was seductively hot!

contact June 22, 2018 - 7:45 am

Molly Moore, thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

Mrs Fever June 22, 2018 - 2:22 pm

I like the idea of shaving a man’s face, but this far have not pursued it with my partners. I’m not one for sharing a shower, and since my spouse shaves his face in the shower ‘by feel’ – much as you have described what Michael does – it is unlikely that I’ll be doing it any time soon. {Going mirrorless means he is perpetually missing spots, which is kind of endearing in an absent-minded professor way. 🙂 }

I have shaved my partners’ nether bits often over the years though. The dynamics vary. It can be a play on power or an overture of nurturing, or anything in between. Always it is an act of intimacy and a display of trust. And *that* – that sense of closeness and vulnerability – is what I find sexy about it.

May More June 25, 2018 - 4:15 pm

Great fantasy – my man shaves me I am too much of a wimp to do it myself or go to the salon. I trust him to get it right after so many years of shaving his face. I like to watch a man shave his face, very sexy, never been allowed to shave one though x –

Bee July 4, 2018 - 8:35 pm

The part about shaving his nuts really made me giggle. I have asked to shave his face and he gave a very tentative hmmm, maybe so we shall see. I can’t shave his nuts because he’s too furry to have a bald patch there *laughs


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