Trolling the Net #39

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Are you ready for another Saturday morning selection of sexy stuff? Then best read on my darlings….


Used By Hannah Lockhardt

I am not hugely into humiliation but this is fabulous writing that makes me feel hot and uncomfortable and oddly turned on.

Coming Out As Borderline – Sexual Self Reflection by Aurora Glory

This post is actually from back in September but I missed it at the time and only read it this week. It is a raw and honest piece of writing about Aurora’s mental health and I have huge admiration for her  honesty and decision to share her experiences so openly.

Anticipation by Hyacinth Jones

All I have to say about this one is the title says it all because it literally buzzes with anticipation and has left me hoping that there better be a part 2 to this.

Do you trust PornHub with a database of your sexual preferences? by Pandora Blake

Yes this is a long one but it is essential reading if you either make ANY sort of adult content on the internet and/or consume any regardless of where you are in the world too. Just because you are not in the UK doesn’t mean you are not going to be asked for this information when you visit a UK site. Likewise of you are making content outside the UK if you do not comply then your site will be blocked from view within the UK. This is something I have been shouting about for a long time now but the idea that one large porn company is basically going to manage the age verification scheme is a new sinister turn of events.

And Pictures

Missing you by Fire and Honey

That eye is so captivating and the editing that has made her hair look like water is brilliant


I don’t know anything about this person but I stumbled across her Tumblr recently and instantly fell in love. All her self portraits are beautifully shot and edited, they feel real and honest and I love her use of light and shadows.

Shadow Play by Rabbit in Chains

The use of light in this image is absolutely gorgeous, it captures the harshness of the chain against her pale flesh perfectly and yes I am happy to admit that I have a bit of thing for chains

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