Trolling the Net #64

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 64

Here we are exactly half way through the year. Can you believe it is already June? It has been a busy week for bloggers this week and there has been a lot of fabulous content which made picking for this weeks lists extra tricky.


Do you keep your eyes open during sex?

This is a subject that has been on my mind of late dues to both Girl on the Net’s post, Eye Contact Challenge: Can you keep your eyes open for an entire fuck? about this and then this wonderful follow-up to that by Hyacinth, I Thought of Girl in the Net While Fucking, in which GoTN crashes into her mind whilst “a 6′ tall Australian man was doing his best to kill me with his giant cock.”

I do know I love eye contact at certain times during sex but for an entire fuck? That sounds tricky to me

Body Positive Journey – Looking in the Mirror By My Messy Room

I think mirrors can be very powerful tools when it comes to learning about your body and accepting the way it looks. About 8 and half years ago I started taking self portraits. The camera has in many ways acted as my mirror and definitely helped me to see myself in ways I never did before. This piece by My Messy Room reminded me of those early days of discovery and it made me want to get out a mirror and watch myself masturbate.

Echo By Teachers Have Sex

I have a bit of a thing for stranger sex, not as in sex that is stranger but sex with someone who you just met and this piece absolutely ticks that box for me. However what I really love about this beautifully penned story is that even though they fuck he doesn’t orgasm and it yet the sex is still portrayed as hot and satisfying and that is a wonderful thing to read because the male orgasm is not the definition of good sex.

Godemiche Pride Auction

I wouldn’t usually pimp a company here like this but I am making an exception for this one because what I think these guys are doing is epic. They have created 6 different Pride dildos which they are auctioning off for charity. They are not only covering the cost of the dildos but also all the shipping costs and any transaction charges too which means that every single penny is going to the charity Albert Kennedy Trust. I think that deserves some shouting about!


The Balcony Shot by Master’s Pleasing Bitch

I love the way she is cupping her breast and her vulva and how the beam is giving her anonymity and yet it looks perfectly natural within the image. It is well composed shot that looks perfect in black and white.

Intimacy Calls by Love Hate Sex Cake

Because her work is always beautiful and inspiring and everyone should see it.

Censorship by Annie Savoy

I have written about Instagram policing of nudity, especially female bodies before and so I found myself nodding along to Annie’s post about them and how oddly their rules inspire images that are oddly more titillating than if they were just a completely nude image.

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Julie June 9, 2018 - 5:43 pm

Thank you Molly, I know someone will be pleased to have his work appreciated. There have been so many brilliant opportunities this holiday and more to come 🙂


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