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Trolling the Net #71

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Welcome to Trolling the Net 71. Time for be to bring you another round up of sexy stuff I have stumbled across over the last week.


Smut Saved my Life: Cheating Edition by Jayne Renault

I have written before about cheating in my previous relationships and it is a topic that I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about so I was super interested to read this piece by Jayne and learn how cheating has featured in her life. Some of what she writes about it I can strongly identify with in particular the separation of sex and physical intimacy from love and commitment.

“But in fiction, unfaithfulness can take on many more nuanced forms for plot and character development. And depending on how it’s presented, we might not even consider it to be such bad thing within the context of the story. Sometimes – dare I say it – we even like it.”

5 Things to know about Faceslapping by Loving BDSM

Not my kink but this is a brilliant introductory guide to this kink that is full of sensible and practical advice from kinksters who are experienced when it comes to faceslapping. I have never seen a guide to this subject before and I think this a brilliant and very useful piece for anyone interested in this kink.

Not comfortable hitting your partner? Thought you’d like it but it’s giving you feelings you don’t want? Whether you’re the D or the s, you need to speak up and say something. Just because “everyone” is into a kinky thing doesn’t mean you have to be, too.

Smutathon 2018: Uniform Response by The Other Livvy

I feel like Livvy might have had a little wander through my mind and then written down one of my fantasies for me with this medical kink piece of fiction. Not all the detail is the same as my fantasy but the broad idea is absolutely pussy wettingly spot on.

Take it outside by Lascivious Lucy

Even though women being the top or dom in a sexual situation is not really my thing I found the power and strength of the female character in this piece wonderful and the intensity of the fight and the sex they have as a result is really very hot.

“Grinding her pussy against his cock, she leaned back and slapped him across the face. She felt his cock twitch, and knew that she’d gauged him correctly. She slapped him again, loving the sting in her palm, and watching his head snap around.

When he turned back, he smiled with blood on his lip.”


We were made to be broken by Oh Tom Starling

I have been a big fan of this guys art work for ages but somehow I had managed to miss that back in January he did a series of his images that features maps and in case you didn’t know I have a bit of thing for a map, especially the type of maps he used in this piece of art. If you want to see the other images he has made with maps then just click on his archives and scroll through to January. Oh and if you are very confused reading this and why I am talking about maps then click and look as these are definitely adult images.

Connecting the Dots by My Controlled Ascent

Because I love Polka Dots and red shoes to very much.

Hot Tub by The Other Livvy

I love how the tiny bubbles are clinging to her breasts a bit like they to fruit in a sparkly drink.

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  • Marie Rebelle

    It seems we even share a fantasy 😉

    Rebel xox

  • kisungura

    Thank you!

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