Trolling the Net #68

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 68. Hopefully you have had a good week and are happy the weekend is now here again and have some time for some sexy reading…..


Kiss me through the phone by Teachers Have Sex

Michael and I had a long distance relationship for 18 months before he moved here. Reading Jo’s piece bought back some hot sexy memories of that time.

“Lying in the dark, he whispered all the things I wanted to hear: He’d turn my cheeks to apples, pin my arms with his knees so he could stuff my mouth with his cock”

Shudders of Envy by Guy New York

I have written before about having an MFM threesome and it is definitely a scenario that turns me and this glorious filthy piece by Guy New York totally ticks that box for me.

“I kissed her mouth as she groaned, and I reached between their bodies, opening her lips with two fingers. She was soaking wet, her want as urgent as his.”

The Fantasy V The Reality By The Beautiful Kind

Whilst we are on the subject of 3somes I also have a thing for the other kind, FMF and in particular watching Michael fuck another woman. Kendra wrote two different posts about this one is the fantasy she had about this and other is the reality where her and her partner Matthew play out her fantasy with Lana. Both are hot but the reality one definitely has the edge for me.

The entire time, they did not look over at me, which is what I wanted. I wanted them to focus on each other, and I wanted my space to soak it all in.

Regulating our Fantasies by K.D. Grace

There has been a lot of chat on Twitter this week about condoms in erotic fiction. I have some strong opinions on this which I might write about soon but I remembered that KD had written about this subject when it came up once before. Her post captures many of my own thoughts on this subject and I highly recommend you give it a read

The truth is that never once have I had an erotic fantasy that involved the use of a condom. I have written a couple of stories in which condoms are used, but in those stories, I didn’t use condoms to make a statement nor to assume that my readers needed reminding that in the real world, safe sex is a must. Rather, condoms played a role in the development of the story.


Tiny Toy by Maria Open’s Up

Sometimes just the tip is enough…. This is such a brilliant reflection shot. It would have been quite tough to get her reflection in focus but Maria is a skilled photographer and has managed it perfectly

Pool Life by If sex matters

I love naked swimming and this image by May makes me yearn for an opportunity to do it. Oh and wow what a bottom!

20/40 by The Other Livvy

I love the Livvy is documenting her body and her sexual self through her pregnancy. This beautiful diptych shows the remarkable changes in her body compared to her non pregnant self. It is a really stunning image that feels like a glorious celebration of her body both as a pregnant woman and a sexual being.

A Light in the Attic by Teachers have Sex

Yes she got two mentions this week but I couldn’t not include these fabulously creepy sinister images in my round-up

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May More July 21, 2018 - 12:33 pm

Ah my bum does look good in that photo but was a particular good camera angle – there were others that were not hot really πŸ˜‰ x


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