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He pressed her into the corner of the lift pinning her up against the mirrored walls with the weight of his body. Grabbing her face in one of his hands he tilts her head back sharply, forcing her eyes and lips up towards him and then he is kissing her. Hot and urgent his mouth claiming hers. She squirms beneath him trying to push him away.

The lift shudders to a halt as he reaches out and presses one of the many buttons.

“I have you now” he growls into her mouth as he goes to kiss her again

She bites down on his lip slightly and he pulls away laughing.

“Such a wild one. I should just take you right here like this. Push your face up against the mirror so you can watch yourself being fucked. You’d like that wouldn’t you Wild One?

As he speaks his hand gather up the skirt of her dress and tug it up over her thighs.

“I knew it” he says when his finger tips find the lace tops of her hold ups and the expanse of bare flesh at the top of her thighs.

“You fight me off as if you don’t want it but then under your clothes you are dressed like a slutty invitation in stockings and lace panties and I bet you are wet for me for too aren’t you Wild One?”

His fingers pull at the gusset of her panties dragging it to one side. She kicks out at him with her high-heeled feet trying to connect with his legs or feet but he is stronger than her and has her pinned in such a way that it is futile fight.

“That’s it wild one, it turns me on when you fight” And as he speaks he presses his groin into her thigh and she can clearly feel the hardness of his erection through his pants digging into her.

His fingers push into the velvet folds of her cunt, his thumb finding her clit which he rubs at crudely, digging his nail into the tender flesh in such a way that it causes the muscles in her thighs to twitch and her breath to come in jagged little gasps.

His mouth is on her neck, kissing and nipping at the flesh and even she realises that even though the lift is stationary the music still plays flooding the air around them with the rousing sound of a full orchestra coming together in some symphony she does not recognise.

“Oh it is so tempting to just unzip my fly and just have you right here” as he says the word here he invades her cunt with the tip of one of his fingers

“You would like wouldn’t you, my cock, right here were my finger is, pushing into you, taking you, filling you up, stretching you wide while you fight and rage against me?”

“Fuck you” she growls up at him

He brings his free hand down over her mouth smothering her words.

“Such a dirty mouth” he whispers into her ear. “But I intend to put it to a much better use later. Despite how tempting it would be to have you like this up against the wall with your skirt hitched up around your waist I want to take my time breaking you, and a lift is not the place for that.”

Reaching down he flicks one of the buttons and the lift lurches back into action. The music still plays, the unknown symphony is reaching its crescendo unlike her evening which is only really just getting started.

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