Trolling the Net #43

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

So only a few days left until Christmas day. I hope you are all ready and looking forward to it whatever ‘it’ might mean to you but while you wait for ‘it’ here is some sexy somethings for you to enjoy.


I’m not going to want to marry you by Hyacinth Jones

There is a reason Hy won the Top 100 Sex Blogs in 2015 and that is because she writes powerful and honest posts this in which she strips bare the pain words can inflict on a person.

The Real Christmas Gift Guide by Not so Sex in the City

We all have those days when are just fucked off with it all. The ex husband, the useless friend, an incompetent boss, the list is endless and sometimes you just want to put them all in a box and throw them in the nearest river. This Christmas list is basically that and I love it.

Not “Only” CP by Pain as Pleasure

Sometimes it can hard to convey the eroticism of a spanking or a flogging but in this post BibulousOne has captured perfectly the joy of that dance between two people.

Watching by Tabitha Rayne

This piece of short flash fiction was written by Tabitha back in 2016. It is delightfully filthy but it is the last line fabulous line that really captivated me….. “as the rain of a thousand jizzing cocks spatters over my panting body.”


Peace by Love Hate Sex Cake

She is beautiful, her prose is beautiful, her photography is beautiful!

Fallen Angel/ Fiery Devil by Midnight at the Oasis

I love how the light is illuminating her beautiful silver hair giving her an angelic glow.

Modestly Reflective by Modesty Ablaze

This image reminds me of vintage Victorian erotic photography or even artwork. It is a very clever shot and Modesty looks very beautiful in it.

Expectant by The Other Livvy

This is an image from December last year but one that should definitely deserves being seen again and again because it is hot and filthy and sexy as hell

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Indigo Byrd December 23, 2017 - 11:01 pm

Thanks for the mention Molly I appreciate it very much. Happy Xmas! Indie ?


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