Trolling the Net #44

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Well here we are at the last Trolling the Net of 2017. The next time I do one of these it will be 2018. I hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year but before we get there lets enjoy some fabulous writing and pictures from 2017.


Strap me to a table and give me as a gift by Girl on the Net

The idea of being shared with another man or even being given to another man for a period of time for him to use me is a massive turn on for me. This piece by Girl on the Net taps straight into the fantasy and leaves me wet and throbbing.

I Hide My Tears / But Not Very Well by Ducky Doolittle

Ducky Doolittle has recently been through the trauma of battle endometrial cancer. In this post she talks about some of that battle. It is a raw and emotional piece of writing. However I am really posting this because but as a result she has some fairly serious and potentially overwhelming medical bills to pay and Dangerous Lilly has started a fund raising effort to try to help Ducky offset some of the horrendous costs she faces so if you have a few pennies to share please consider making a small donation to a fellow sex blogger in need.

My Winter Holiday by Tits and Test Tubes

I went skiing once when I was a teenager and hated it but reading this delightfully filthy little story by Jadis I can now see what was missing from my trip all those years ago

Frame by Frame by BD Swain

My blast from the past this year is this heady intoxicating daddy/little piece from 2015. The whole piece if this electric slow seduction and the final line leaves me wondering what price she might end up paying for teasing Daddy so.


Before by Annie Savoy

I have really been enjoying Annie’s blog these past couple of months her images are beautiful and inspirational. I love how this one looks like a painting and I can totally image it hanging on the wall of some super posh art gallery.

December Dick Fest 18 by Exhibit A

This is absolutely brilliant. I love how it looks like the lights are actually embedded in his dick giving a real sci-fi fantasy look.

By Aurora Glory

Seeing Aurora’s photography skills grow and develop this year has been a wonderful thing. She has a real eye for a great image in my opinion but by far and away my favourite image that she posted this year was this beautiful image of her mermaid like on the beach at sunset.

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