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Trolling the Net #36

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

A long time ago in a blog design far away (actually about 16 months ago was the last TtN post) I used to write a semi regular series called Trolling the Net in which I shared links to cool things I had discovered on my journeys through the interwebs. I stopped doing it due to lack of time but this week we have seen the resurgence of the #pornocalypse. At the beginning of the week there was the news that Patreon had updated the adult content portion of their guidelines to imply that they were going to be restricting adult content creators use of their platform. Things are still unfolding on that but it doesn’t exactly look like a positive move in that area.

Then yesterday my darling husband happened an online checker where you can find out if your Twitter account is shadowbanned. He popped in his @ handle and all was fine and then he tried mine and lo and behold I came up as being shadowbanned.

What does that mean I can hear you asking?

Well it is a bit tricky to say for sure as Twitter has no documentation for it and so you just have to kind of work it out but it does mean that if you @ someone who does not follow you they can’t see you speaking to them, if people retweet you the only people who can see those retweets are people who follow you both and none of your tweets show up in searches. Basically it is like Twitter have secretly locked your account for you and refuse to tell you why, or how you can fix it.

At first we assumed it was just me but then we started checking others we know and found that actually rather a lot of twitter accounts that are adult in nature also seemed to have been all sent to the same Twitter naughty step, including @WhoresofYore, @ErosBlogBacchus and @PandoraBlake to name just a few.

As of today it would appear that my shadowban has been partially lifted as I know that people I @ who don’t follow me can see my tweets but I am still blocked from searches. Only time will tell if it gets lifted completely or not.

Is this Twitter secretly limiting the accounts of people who tweet adult content? Who knows but I will admit that it has set off my #pornocalypse Spidey senses.

Anyway as a result of all this Girl on the Net wrote this fabulous post on Monday calling on people to be more proactive about sharing adult content on various platforms and that was followed up yesterday with Eros Blog proposing that we as blogger who have our own space on the open web should use that to share each other shits too. He said

“I’m going to call this one “Saturday Share Our Shit” (#SSoS) and I imagine it as something like the old link roundups that used to be popular. But I want this one to be optional, occasional, fun, and easy, much like Follow Friday in its heyday. So you don’t have to do it every Saturday, it isn’t mandatory, there’s no set amount of links or set amount of discussion for each one. I’m thinking maybe three links with a sentence or two about each, but here’s the core notion: you put this on your own website, not on a tumblr or a blogspot or facebook or any other social media. And the content you share and promote? Should likewise be content that’s on the independent web, not on anybody’s “free” social media server anywhere.”

So that is a long-winded explanation and as to why I have decided to resurrect Trolling the Net and from now on will try to bring you regular Saturday installments of yummy things from around the web. Please do go and visit the links below and also you can use the #SSoS to share this post or any other cool adult content you have stumbled across.

I’m a Femminist But… By The Other Livvy

This post is actually from a couple of weeks ago but it has stuck in my mind since reading it. It is about Livvy’s decision to take her husband’s name and her ‘feminist’ friends reaction to that.

Totally Awesome by Holden and Cammile

I had to include an image post because I am such a visually driven person when it comes to sex and erotica. There is something insanely hot about her lace gloved hands holding his cock, yes they are very Madonna 1980’s but I can’t help but wonder what they feel like against his hot hard flesh.

Scarecrow by Scandarella

It is the time of year for scary spooky haunting tales and this piece from Scanderella definitely hits the Halloween erotic fiction mark in my opinion.

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