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Trolling the Net #46

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Here we are again, another week has rattled by. Hopefully it has been good and productive for you, I know it has been crazy busy for me but I have still managed to find some fabulous words and pictures to share with you.


Deep in the Heart by Teachers Have Sex

Jo is such a good story teller but I think in this piece she has really excelled herself. I think how she wove in the story of her trans character is beautifully and sensitively done and I love it.

A Sanctioned Visit by Scandrella

In the comments on this piece Ella worries that it might be boring because nothing really happens but she shouldn’t because despite no one actually taking their clothes off or really touching each other this piece absolutely hum with the electric sexual tension so much so that when I got near the end I realised I was holding my breath.

365 Fetishes by The Beautiful Kind

We are all turned on by so many different things. The depth and breadth of human sexuality and what we sexualize is always fascinating to me which is why I consumed this post by Kendra with such joy and glee. I love that she has defined the word fetish for her, stating it is “something that sexually charms you”. Her list is so varied but as I read down it I find myself nodding in agreement with her about many of them and now I am very tempted to do my own #365fetish list.


Multitasking by Sassy Cat

I am happy to admit that I am at times a bit addicted to my various electronic devices and it is not usual for me to be found in the bathroom with them so this picture by Sassy made me giggle.

Daily Ritual By Kinky and Perky

This is a really clever shot because until you scroll down and see the little apple sign you are not completely sure what the light source is. It also bought back fond memories of all the times I spent like this with Michael when we were LDR

Morning Pleasuring by Godmeiche

And finally this breathtakingly beautiful picture by my good friend Monika. Everything about this is gorgeous in my opinion from the way the light catches her breast to the way her hands disappear into the shadows between her thighs. A truly exceptional image of a truly lovely person.

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  • Monika

    Oh, thank you Molly for mention:)
    I can’t even express how happy I am to hear such a compliment about my photography. I take the lessons from you so thank you for being awesome teacher xxx

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