Trolling the Net #45

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to 2018! Let us see what the first week has had to offer us shall we…


Baby, Baby… by The Other Livvy

I have read this post a couple of times, when it first came out and then again yesterday when I was reviewing it for this list. It inspires a lot of thoughts and feelings in me and I have still not left a comment although once my mind settles I will, but I am fairly sure that most woman will have battled these or similar thoughts at some time. For many of us only after was have had our children. I commend Livvy thought for writing such an honest and thought provoking piece.

Happily Barren by Teachers Have Sex

This post is in some ways related to Livvy’s post as it is about contraception, most specifically tubal ligation. I have read many horror stories from woman fighting to get this procedure in both the UK and USA so it is lovely to read this more positive experience.

When he wants children, and I don’t by Ann St. Vincent

It is weird but it seems to have been a baby related week as this post is also related to that subject and deals with the tough conversation that is required when one person has a desire for children and the other absolutely does not.

How to be a good couple to threesome with by Coffee & Kink

This one is definitely not about babies as I am sure the title gives away. It is however an excellent and thoughtful piece about how to navigate a threesome as a couple in a positive way for everyone involved. The only thing I would say it is missing is spend time setting your boundaries between you both before you start bringing in the other person. You don’t want to be in the middle of things and suddenly your partner says, I didn’t know you were going to do that with them, and also remember to share those limits and boundaries with the person joining you.


Saturday Jewellery Change by Submiss34f

I seem to be having a fairly constant internal debate about getting one of my nipples pierced. Will I end up getting it done? No idea but images like this make me very very tempted.

Boobday: Holidays by Sex is my New Hobby

I absolutely love this beautiful image, there is something gloriously bold and dynamic about it. I love that you can see a whisper of her underarm hair and how the pose shows off the curve of her waist and of course boobs!

Shiver by Maria Open’s Up

It seems that a lot of us are currently trying to fight the winter weather with blankets, heating, hats and gloves. I love Maria has used lots of negative space to capture that feeling of cold in this image she took back in 2015.

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Ann St. Vincent January 6, 2018 - 4:23 pm

Thanks for the shout-out, Molly. It was a week for babies, it would seem. Funny how that works 🙂

And I loved the threesome post. Some great advice.



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