Trolling the Net #42

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Only 3 more Saturdays in December left, what the holy moly….. It is absolutely true what they say about the older you get the faster time flies by. However before the year is completely gone here are some sexy bits and bobs for you to enjoy.


Portrait of a Goddess by Fire and Honey

This one could have gone in both the words and pictures section but I have put it in the words part because it is her writing that really captured me. It is a very short piece but I think anyone who has ever struggled with body image will in some way identify with the tale of good over evil that it tells.

25 Books Every Sex Nerd Should Read and Reference by Elle Chase

So words about a lot more words here but this is a brilliant list of books here that cover all sorts of areas of sex interest. Many of these books I know, some I even known but there were a couple of new ones to me that I have added to my Amazon wishlist for future special treats.

Some Motels Have Thin Walls by Books1799

I love me a good…..oh wait, if I tell you that it is going to spoil the twist in the story. I guess you best just go and read for yourself and then you will know what the rest of the sentence would be.

2008 – 2016 by Sex Blog (of sorts)

She is one of the best writers of short erotic fiction that I have read. She is currently not writing on her blog but there is plenty of stuff here to keep you busy like this gloriously filthy little read.


Snow Globe by Maria Open’s Up

I love the festive colours tones in this and how at first you are distracted by the globe but then you realise the real picture is beyond the globe.

The Holly and the Ivy (reprise) by Exposing 40

This is a shot from last year but just like the image above there is something about these soft warm tones that I just find so beautiful and this image has a real fairy tale quality about it that is utterly gorgeous.

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