Trolling the Net #78

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 78 and my very first round-up of sexy reading for 2019. So let’s get started with….


When he calls me a tease by The Lexy Experiment

I love to flirt and I love to tease and so much of this descriptions in this piece by Lexy spoke to me. The idea of being so provocative that it drives someones to want it so badly they just take…. that is so hot to me. And also how she talks about the tease being like a brush of hands that causes of a little jolt of electricity between you. So much yes

“If a man says “show me” and I know him well enough to give only a glimpse at first, to give it slow the way he likes it — well, that is one of my favorite things. Teasing around the edges can be so sexy, like touching skin with the tip of your tongue.”

Sex Noises by Knkstriped

I am totally with Zebra Rose about sex noises. Real genuine sex noises are hot as hell. Eavesdropping on someone fucking is utterly delicious and listening to a lover over the phone or on Skype gives me all the hots but she is even more right about words. Saying the right thing at the right moment will result in me being a puddle at your feet before a finger has even been laid on me. Tell me what you are going to do to me, threaten me with your desires and well…. just writing this makes me squirm a bit.

“with the right words, you can turn me to a drooling hot mess without even laying a finger on me. Menacing words of threat and control light a fire inside me, words of devotion and appreciation warm my heart, words of teasing humiliation slick my cunt and part my legs. Kitten, lovely, bitch, toy, slut, whore, mine, gorgeous, beautiful; drawled with slow sensuality, growled with hoarse lustfulness, clipped with authority, wielded as a lure or a binding.”

Panty Thief by Love, Violet

Female doms and male subs are not really my kink but the sign of a brilliant story in my opinion is one that makes that fact irrelevant and this is definitely one of those. The eroticism of his ‘crime’ and his fear of her finding out had me holding my breath and the controlled calm way she dishes out his punishment is and the tale she tells him to explain what she is about to do is intoxicating.

“He pushed himself to the edge over and over, breathless and frustrated, punishing himself for his deviance, fantasizing about Her punishing him harshly. The names She called him in his imagination made him grind his teeth with the need to come. He could imagine Her hissing “filthy panty thief” in his ear”

February Photofest and Kink of the Week

This one is to all the other bloggers out there. Don’t forget #Febphotofest starts next Friday. You can find all the details on this post and this page is where the list of participants will be.

And as requested I have added a list of upcoming topics on the Kink of the Week site which you can find in the sidebar if you are looking at it on a computer or in the footer if you are on your phone. Also if you have any suggestions for kinks you would like to see covered there please do let me know


That Girl by Considering Cuntella

I love how her breast is framed by the dark shadows and those little wisps of hair falling over her shoulder make for a beautifully sensual image.

at the meeting of my thighs by Sex is my New Hobby

The symmetry, the diamond shape at the top of her thighs; This is truly brilliant piece of photography.

Knickers by Focused and Filthy

I love this collage of knickers. All styles and different colours, it makes me want to go out and buy new undies!

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