Trolling the Net #54

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Trolling the net is back from it’s Eroticon hiatus. It has been a crazy couple of weeks but finally things are starting to settle down. I can’t say we are totally back to normal but close. So what delicious things have other people been doing in the meantime? The answers are below…


Kinky Thoughts: Fishnets by Lascivious Lucy

Her description of sex wearing a fishnet body stocking is so fucking hot.

“I kept the suit on the entire night, well with a few tears opening up the gaps in the net. The netting chaffed and cut into my thighs as I straddled him. It caught on my hard nipples, tugging at them with more intensity than any metal clamp of sharp teeth had ever provided.”

#30DayOrgasmFun is back! Masturbation for a Mental Health Boost by Tabitha Rayne

Fancy a wank? What about one everyday for month? If that sounds tempting then check out Tabitha #30dayorgasmfun project which will be starting on the 1st April. I didn’t join in last year but I have asked permission from Michael and been given the go ahead. I am rather looking forward to and hope that it results in extra orgasms for both of us!

It’s Been a Long Time by Hannah Lockhardt

There is a definite sadness to this post but despite that her delicious description of giving a blow job left me aching to kneel in front of him and suck him off.

“I’ll open my pretty pink mouth wider, try and trick my gag reflex so I can swallow, swallow, swallow him down…”

Welcome by Cara Thereon

In case you don’t know Cara (who is Michael’s girlfriend) has been staying with us for a month. This post is about how she sometimes struggles with understanding peoples desires to be with her/love her and all I want to say to her. You are loved and you are most definitely welcomed here.

A Not-a-Love Letter to My Anxiety By Kayla Lords

It is raw and honest writing like this that is one of the many reasons Kayla found herself in the No. 1 spot on The Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017 list. Nope it is not a sexy post but it is a piece that I fairly sure many people will identify to some level.


Absorbed in pleasure by Midnight at the Oasis

There is something about this that reminds me of a romance novel front cover from back in the 70’s and I love it.

Kinky Games by A to sub Bee

Cuts and marks are a huge turn on to me so this image by Bee grabs me right in the hot and kinky part of my brain!

We Go to the Places – A Love Letter to Sex Writers by Tabitha Rayne

There are so many things about this image that I love. Firstly it just screams London to me, and I LOVE London. It is also reminds me of nights spent traveling home on the bus having spent time with fabulous people. There is something lovely about trundling along through the dark streets that just make me happy and then there is the multiple layers of this image. I am a huge fan of reflection photos and this one uses that to great effect.

Companions by The Other Livvy

I am not going to say anything apart from go and look at this image. It is fucking brilliant and it will make you smile.

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Elliott Henry March 24, 2018 - 10:05 pm

Thanks, Molly, always fun to see your faves, in case I missed something good. I had.

Indigo Byrd March 25, 2018 - 6:11 am

Thanks Molly, I’m glad you appreciate the photo. No romance in this neck of the woods though, just a powerful erotic energy! Lol! Your catch phrase definitely applied in this instance.
Indie x


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