Trolling the Net #84

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Here we go again. Time to share some goodness in Trolling the Net #84 from around the net for you to all enjoy


Claiming my character by Floss does life

This post by Floss is from a few weeks back and it deals with the subject of change and embracing who she really is and the life she wants to lead. It really resonated with me and found myself nodding along to a lot of it.

“My fear is still much the same as it was when I was young. I don’t want to be bored and I don’t want life to seem dull to me. I want to feel like I’m shining and embracing adventure. I don’t need my life to look like everyone else’s and I don’t need my adventures to be the same as theirs either. I just need to look at my life and feel content that I am living, not a half-life, not someone else’s life, but my life; my probably fucked up, slightly random, sometimes chaotic life in all it’s beautiful glory.”

Cum Tributes: Please, please, please wank to my porn by Girl on the Net

Lots of bloggers have been writing about cum tributes this week because it is the current topic on Kink of the Week. I have enjoyed reading all the different thoughts and opinions so far but this post by Girl on the Net really made me grin. I love dick too and I really like the idea that something I have created, words or pictures turned someone on (regardless of gender). Telling me you knocked on out as a result will put a stupid grin on my face but mostly I don’t need to see the evidence, your words will absolutely do it for me too.

“So although I don’t want to receive any pictures – cum tribute or otherwise – because they’ll get me worrying about all these things, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the idea of a cum tribute. I will always – always – delight in knowing that at any moment in time someone in the world might be rubbing one out to my work.”

Why you need a planner in your life by The Smutlancer

This one is a podcast and it is actually me waxing lyrical about planners to which I am a new found convert. If you are looking to maybe be a bit more organised then this is for you and there is also a giveaway running on this post and you could win yourself a circle planner or use the code MOLLYMOORE on The Circle Planner website and get 10% off one

Inhale by My Controlled Ascent

This is my post from the past. Written lin November 2018 it is a delicious piece about the scent of a lover and using their clothes and scent to wank to. For someone currently missing their lover it truly resonated with me and I might have to use his t-shirt to help me get off tonight as inspired by this piece

“I pull it between my breasts, clutching it to my face as I breathe him in. Pushing and pulling the fabric this way and that so I can interrogate it with my nose. The woody notes of his favourite aftershave around the collar, the contrasting combined tang of sweat and deodorant at the armpits, the back faint with the fragrance of body wash and his own particular smell and lower, where it would’ve been tucked in, his very faint masculine muskiness.”


A tribute to you by Ask Me Fast 19

This insanely hot image was inspired by the cum tribute topic and whilst we don’t know who was the actual inspiration the result of it we definitely get to see in all it’s beautifully sexy glory.

Look at what the light did now by Degrees of Zero

This is such an amazing image. I love how the light is bursting up through the floorboards creating lines and also casting her shadow onto the ceiling. She looks so powerful and strong in this image.

Shadowed Beauty by Happy Come Lucky

Another image that uses light so brilliantly to create a truly breathtaking nude

Need by Little Switch Bitch

The polka dot knickers, the way they crease through her legs and the absolutely perfect shape of her bottom all just take my breath away.


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