Trolling the Net #89

by Molly Moore
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Here we go with Trolling the Net 89; A round up of words and pictures I have enjoyed and think you might too


Pandemic Sex Dreams by Mx Nillin

One of things I have always enjoyed about Nillin’s writing is their ability to write something that is funny without losing the sexy of the piece. I think they have a real skill for doing it and this piece totally fits into that. Also now I want to have pandemic sex dreams

“And in the dream I’m all “Fuck yeah let’s fucking do it,” so next thing I know Kate is naked too and now we’re squeezing out huge globs of hand sanitizer into our hands and fucking rubbing each other’s bodies and shit. Like, my mind is creating this whole scenario where I’m literally lathering up Kate’s tits with that stuff to the sweet tunes of Careless Whisperer.

Mm! Soooo hot! Who doesn’t love that dried out skin feel immediate after applying an entire bottle of hand sanitizer to every inch of their body during sex!?”

Pondering on Period Fucking by Floss does life…

I have a bit of thing for period sex but it didn’t always used to be that way. Up until about 10 years ago all my partners had been pretty ewww about periods and so I believed my period was a fairly gross thing. Luckily that has all changed now and I really love period sex and it is always interesting to read other peoples experiences with it.

For me, someone’s attitude towards my period is key here. So long as I still feel loved and wanted during my period I actually don’t mind if my partner isn’t a fan of fucking during it. I still want cuddles and kisses and hell, I’m actually up for things getting sexy and giving my partner pleasure even if I’m not in the mood for receiving. So long as I don’t feel radioactive and like something to be avoided during my period and I am not going to judge my partner if they say their preference is not to fuck during my period.

Trolls Manipulate Our Inability to Let Other People Be Wrong by Poly. Land

Having recently read Troll Hunting by Ginger Gorman (a fascinating and disturbing read) the title of this post caught my attention and having read it I have to say it made complete sense to me. Trolls operate on saying things that are down right untrue or if not are extreme and thereby play into our need to point out when something is untrue or incorrect and thus they have you engaged.

“The bait is usually offensive, slanderous, and/or simply incorrect information. Because I’ve noticed something else: If you say something wrong, most people will have a hard time not correcting it.”

Three Presents I Bought Myself During Lockdown by Coffee and Kink

As far as I am concerned Amy’s ability to buy herself gifts is some sort of magical super power. Someone in my upbringing I seem to have mostly been taught that buying things is a waste of money particularly when it comes to nice things. Food, clothes, books mostly are OK but anything else is frivolous. As a result I mostly don’t buy myself things. I am trying to get better at it mind you but reading Amy’s post reminded me how rubbish I am at it. Apart from clothes the other day and some books I can’t remember the last time I bought myself something. Oh and the unicorn pole shoes Amy bought are just magic.

“I love giving presents. Though gifts isn’t my top love language, it’s definitely one I enjoy indulging every now and then. Finding something that is perfect for someone and seeing their eyes light up when I give it to them is a treat. And just occasionally, I also enjoy buying presents for myself.”


Pretty pretty Princess by Love is a Fetish

I could have easily put this in the words section to be honest because they are seriously hot but I love the princess themed images so much that I decided this was a picture post. The pink tones, her make-up, outfit and the expression on her face that seems to be a knowing innocence is just fabulous. The second picture down in the series is my favourite.

I don’t owe you masculinity to prove I’m not a woman by On Queer Street

Again this is another one that definitely deserves a spot in the words section but ouuufff that image that goes with them. Hot damn!

Always by Love, Violet

Because fishnets, because black and white, because it is all just so damn sexy

White Oleander

I follow a lot of photographers on Instagram. Some like this account are self portrait photographers. I thought it would be nice to start sharing some of them here as recommendations of people to follow if you are on IG. I love this persons work, they post such a variety of images that often inspires to get my own camera out. If I am half the photographer they are one day then I will be very happy.

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