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Trolling the Net #79

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Welcome to Trolling the Net 79 and I can’t believe we are already into February. However that also means that #febphotofest is in full swing and so my round-up will be totally dedicated to February Photofest images this week…

Little Red Coupe by Sassy Cat

The way she is looking up at the camera makes me tingle.

Daises by May More

I love the way the curve of the mirror follows the curve of her body.

Matching Panties by Kayla Lords

I have panty envy and also maybe pink bottom envy too.

Doxy Times by Miss Scarlet

This image captures how a Doxy feels perfectly in my opinion. Everything goes fuzzy and all the focus is on the relentless throb between your legs.

Fractured Fairy Tale by Midnight at the Oasis

There are 3 edits of this image in this post. I think my favourite is the middle one, it just feels the most ‘fractured fairy tale’ to me. I also totally identity with Inigo’s words, taking pictures can make you feel great about your body and sometimes it can floor you and make you feel like crap.

Pure as the Driven Snow? by Blue Submission

I love how the panties are throwing a little patterned shadow onto her skin. This image makes me think of warmer spring days and the delicate white lingerie is just beautiful.

Am I being Watched by Katteroo_

This one makes me feel like a naughty voyeur…. and I am very much enjoying the view

#FebPhotoFest2019- Day 7 by Cleareyed Girl

This is so damn hot. She looks ready to be ravished right there on that table.

Pure Morning by Purple’s Gem

I love how they have used the low light in this to just pick out the outline of her body and everything else is consumed by shadows. It’s a truly stunning bit of photography

My Most Naked Reflection by Brigit Delaney

I think this image is beautiful. I can totally relate to it, that view of putting a mirror between your legs so you can look at yourself is something very familiar to many women I think

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  • May More

    Thanks Molly – glad u liked Daisies – when i took it I didn’t even realise the coincidence πŸ˜‰ x

  • Indie

    Thanks very much Molly, I really appreciate your feedback. Interestingly the edit you preferred was also Craig’s preference…

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