Trolling the Net #55

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

And so the last day of March is here and it is Easter Weekend. I am hoping that soon we will start to have some proper spring like weather and might be able to finally turning heating off but in the meantime I have found some stuff to help you keep warm.


Your Biggest Fan by Brigit Delaney

I don’t want to give to much away about this piece because that would spoil it but I will say that it is very clever writing that starts off seemingly being one thing and then twists into something much more sinister. However for those of you writer types out there this is also a fascinating post as Brigit has shared two previous drafts of this story to illustrate her writing process, it is very different from mine and as a result I was utterly intrigued by what and how she did.

Arousal doesn’t have to be spontaneous by Isabelle Lauren

Sometimes arousal is just there, nudging at us to fulfill its sexy wishes but sometimes it is not and that is OK. I love this post by Isabelle as she talks about this subject and how taking some time to work on becoming aroused has been a positive thing for her.

“But arousal isn’t always spontaneous. Sometime it needs to be coaxed. You can make yourself get in the mood by grounding yourself in the moment, or by watching some porn or reading some erotica. There is nothing wrong with taking a bit of time to become aroused.”

PSA: How I beat the Twitter shadowban by Domme Chronicles

If you have been unlucky enough to find yourself shadowbanned on Twitter for an extensive period of time you might find this piece by Ferns useful. Be warned though, she does not guarantee that it will A) work or B) Potentially incur even more harsh treatment from the Twitter authorities but if you have been stuck in the shadows for months then I guess it is definitely worth a try!

I lost my sexuality for a year. A love letter to Eroticon. by Miss E Eve

There have been a lot of post Eroticon pieces which you can find links to on this page. I have not read them all yet but I really wanted to show case this one because it not really a round up as much as it is a love letter, a raw and yet tender love letter at that.


Envy by Accidental Masturbator

This is one of those image that will have you turning your head trying to make out the word but once you do you realise that it is a brilliant twist on the idea of penis envy.

Lobby by The Other Livvy

There is something oddly proper about this couple, the hint of formal clothing and their nonchalant pose implies one thing but their nudity something else entirely.

Why I Crave You by Chasing Me Chasing You

I love the way he is wrapped around her, his hand on her bottom and his mouth on her neck. I can totally understand why she looks at this and craves that moment again because it is tender and intimate and sexy.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Fire and Honey

The wearing of a tail seems to something that is often associated with being submissive but the words that go alongside this image absolutely fuck with that narrative in a very sexy way.

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rhythmraveradio April 2, 2018 - 5:31 am

I think that the reason so many of us feel so exhausted right now is because Eroticon makes us look intensely at ourselves. It shines a light on who we really are”, and makes us think deeply about where we want to go with our writing. I love that you are thinking about writing more personal stuff and I love that Eroticon released more positive than negative emotions. I just know you will go from strength to strength.


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