Trolling the Net #56

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

I hope you had a fabulous Easter, whatever that might mean to you. Spring seems to have finally sprung here which makes me very happy as that means that summer is just the little bit closer than it was last week. Also the #30dayorgasmfun challenge is in full swing. If you are joining in then maybe some of these piece I have for this week might be helpful.


Birthday Call by Hannah Lockhardt

This is so deliciously dirty. It makes me want to suck cock… it makes me want to suck his cock when he is meant to be doing something else.

A Catastrophic Affair by Scandarella

Fairies that fuck like it is the end of world. And maybe it is for them…..

Do it with Style by Happy Come Lucky

The current Kink of the Week topic is Doggy Style and this piece by Honey paints a vivid image of how fucking hot it is for her to be fucked from behind. Also, the picture attached to this post really captures the intensity of both the piece and the act that she is describing.

The Catastrophe of Ageing by Exposing 40

I have definitely felt like as I age I become more invisible but reading this piece by Exposing 40 made me think about that a bit differently and that maybe I have been looking at that with an all too narrow view. I need to ponder it some more before I write my thoughts on this subject in my own post but this is a very through provoking read on this subject.


a2zsubmiss M is for … by Submiss34f

I can totally understand Missy’s difficulties with loving her body post child birth. I have definitely had the same struggle. I wish I could say I was as at peace with it all in the same way Missy is and yet I can look her in this images and all I see is beauty. I still need to learn to look at that part of myself with kinder eyes.

Sinful Sunday by Eve’s Temptations

There is something about the twist of her shoulder and the way her hand in disappearing into her knickers that is just so delightful playful and coy.

#30dayorgasmfun by Confess Hannah

I love the angle of this image, it makes you feel like you are standing over her watching her play. It is just so damn sexy.

We Float by Love Hate Sex Cake

This is an amazing image. Cheeky Minx is a constant inspiration to me when it comes to photography because her work is always such glorious sensual art.

A Wider Spread by Cara Thereon

Yes I know I took this picture but I am including it here because every single time I look at it, it reminds me of all the fun we all had together, not just taking this image but the whole time Cara was here, and it makes me feel happy.

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Cara Thereon April 7, 2018 - 10:00 pm

I really enjoyed taking those photos that day. I also loved just spending time with you. Both of you.


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