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Trolling the Net #63

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Welcome to Trolling the Net 63. I missed my Trolling the Net last week as life was just too hectic and I ran out of time but I am back to it this week and I have a lovely selection of links for you to linger over.


Heart of the Ocean By Scandarella

I will admit that I am rather fond of the film Titanic. I am not going to tell you more than that really apart from that I love this cleverly woven tale that gives a big nod to that film.

Puberty Pupdate: Sexual Changes by Bex Talks Sex

Bex has written a series of posts to mark the first anniversary of his first shot of Testosterone about his body, identity, mental health and this post about sexual changes. All the other posts are linked on this piece so you can find them all. They detail and in frank and honest detail the challenges he has faced through this period and the ups and downs that he has so far experienced as a result.

Rain By Hannah Likes Dirty Words

A rugged outdoor type, a nubile farm girl and rain to make them both wet through. This piece oozes lust and desire and made me want to fuck in the rain.

What was your most awkward sexual experience? by Leila Loren

There is lots of writing about the wonderful life affirming orgasm inducing sexual experiences but as we all know sometimes sex can be awkward, disappointing and even down right terrible and sharing those stories are just as important. This piece by Leila made me giggle and cringe for her in about equal measures and got me thinking about some of my own awkward moments


Somehow I seemed to have ended up with an all male list this week which I am actually rather pleased about as they are definitely in the minority when it comes to this genre

Early Morning By Books1799

I love the light in this and how the door gives depth to the image and makes us feel like secret voyeurs

Light bulb moment By Kinky and Perky

Sometimes when you take a picture the result is not what you expected but is somehow better and I think that is what happened to KP here. The way the light bulb is obscuring his face couldn’t have turned out better if he spent an hour lining it up and the I just find something inviting and sensual about the whole image.

The Seconds before Ejaculation by Elliot Henry

Don’t ask me why but there is something how about the fact that he still has his shirt on. Maybe because it implies that this might be a illicit quickie…

From Below by Kilted Wookie

This is such a powerful and dynamic shot and I find the view, his stance, the way his hair is clinging to his skin all just incredibly sexy.


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  • Elliott

    Thank you for the mention, Molly. I was dressed when I got a text from a friend telling me she had emailed a video. Of course I had to watch it immediately, no time to undress fully. 🙂 I should have saved that photo for the SS prompt today.

  • Cousin Pons

    Thank you Molly for your lovely remarks about my photo.x

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