Trolling the Net #61

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

I feel like I only just wrote one of these but here we are at another Friday and it is time for another one. However before we get onto that I have finally got around to signing up to Buy me a Coffee so if you enjoy my blog or any of the projects I run and fancy helping to support my work financially then I would be very grateful. Every penny really does make a difference to how much time I can spend working on all these projects.

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A Dystopia We Deserve by Ella Scandal

In a world where men have been over thrown by women and are not deemed worthy of even hearing a female voice let alone touching a woman…. well, you have to read this really clever piece of erotic dystopian fiction to find out more.

The Misogyny Inherent in Abstinence-Only Education by Teachers Have Sex

Sex education in the UK leave a lot to be desired but compared to what many kids in the USA are treated to it is positively progressive. This piece takes a frank and chilling look at Abstinence-Only sex ed in the USA and how damaging and negative much of the messages it teaches young people are.

Pillow Princess by Stretchingcandi

I am not a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest but  Candi most definitely is and in this piece she tells of one memorable Eurovision she experienced in England. And I frigging love this sentence

“One of my favourite things is a ready to fuck cock rising out of a waistband like an erotic invitation and this was a particularly glorious example of the genre.”

Story in 12

I know the point of these posts are to link to people’s work outside of social media but on this occasion I am going to flip that round and link to a new project I have started with Wriggly Kitty

Storyin12 posts a new one word writing prompt every day on Twitter at 9am (UK time) Write a 12 word story using that days word as part of the story and tweet it with the hashtag #storyin12 Join in every day, once a week, when ever the word inspires you. It is completely up to you. Any and all styles of writing are welcome, the one rule is don’t be an asshole.


In case you have not noticed tickets for 2019 are now on sale and there are currently only 8 Early Bird tickets left so if you want to bag a bargain you best get moving.


Bare Bodies by Submissy

The blue mirrored image is wonderful but I am actually including this here for the original colour image at the bottom of the post. I really like how you can see their two bodies fit together and you can see more clearly the reflection in the mirror and the powerful way in which he is holding her in his arms.

A Bright Pink Bra by Tits and TestTubes

There is something so delightful about this image, it is playful and sexy and the wellie boots are adorably cute.

Well Hung by A to sub Bee

This is a perfect example of how you can take a very sexy and suggestive picture without actually having anyone in it.

Wheel of Photography by Sex Matters

I am a huge fan of Triptych images. I think they are more difficult to do well than people image but when they are they just work perfectly and this set by May More nails it in. I love how the tones and colours seem to flow across the three images but my favourite bit is that the photographer is also part of the story.

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Posy Churchgate May 14, 2018 - 8:58 pm

Wonderful round-up, in particular the ones I’d already found and loved: May Moore’s tryptich series of pictures and Scandarella’s dystopian erotic tale. Thanks for compiling.


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