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Trolling the Net #73

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Welcome to Trolling the Net 73 and another Saturday selection of things for you to enjoy


We wouldn’t dare by Scandarella

She is back with the 3rd installment of her blood thirsty vampire series. Just in case you don’t already know these are vicious killer vampires and so this is a bloodthirsty tale of sex and murder….. and I love it.

“There! Standing at the bar with a wine glass in her hand. A blonde with Shirly Temple curls and blue eyes. She’s wearing tight white dress, and there’s not a speck of blood on her. It’s her I can hear. Her heartbeat is so robust, she looks so appetising, I can’t fathom why nobody has touched her.”

Joshua’s First by Scandarella

And now there is also an installment that finally introduces us to the elusive Joshua Katz

“Colours burst behind my eyelids. Flavour bursts over my tongue, my heart remembers a rhythm it once knew well. I drink and moan, cry without shedding a single tear. Corrine weakens, sinks down, collapses. I stop coming, stop feeding, when her heart stops beating. A beautiful life ended. By me. And I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Someday I Will by Tabitha Rayne

I love Tabitha’s writing. She has been a bit quiet of late in the fiction department on her blog so I was delighted to see her back at this week and I was not disappointed when I stopped by to read. This piece is short but it oozes lust and desire and we all know those knickers, the ones you never wear unless you have to….

“But it hadn’t happened and I’d been distracted by need and the smell of my own arousal all day.

Part of it was the nylon knickers. The last clean pair in the drawer, the ones you’d never wear unless you had no choice.”

Driving me Crazy by Jayne Renault

So often the portrayal of sex workers in TV, movies and books leaves much to be desired. They are either victims or perpetrators of something and are rarely if ever shown as people with desires and loves like anyone else. However in this piece Jayne has captured that beautiful. Despite the fact that barely anyone touches each other in this piece it absolutely fizzles with sexual tension.

“I’m done for the day. Four calls. Four lovely men. Four very different stories. But now it’s time to keep writing mine.

Jean-Michel and I are parked near a metro station downtown….”


K is for Kidnapped by Submiss34f

I do love dark sinister imaginary and these two totally fit into that category. They are both excellent but there is something about the top one, the way the metal cage is in focus that makes her a appear more vulnerable, more of a faceless victim perhaps, that makes it a more powerful image.

Diana’s Photography

I have not linked to one image but rather to this whole blog. It is on Tumblr so if you don’t have account you probably won’t be able to view it but you can also find her on Instagram @dianamsphotography where she is also sharing beautiful self portrait work.

Free by Submissy

I love the way the colour tones of the wall and her skin compliment each other and there is something poignant about the few leaves at her feet that hint at the changing seasons

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