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Trolling the Net #62

white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Welcome to Trolling the Net 62. Are we ready for a Saturday afternoon romp through some fabulous sexy blogs? Grab a coffee or a tea and let’s do it…


Continue by The Zen Nudist

I don’t think I will ever get bored of writing that makes me want to suck cock, especially when it is as enticing and mouth watering as this piece.

Fucking Hope (part 1) By My Dissolute Life

There is absolutely no way you could predict something like this when you arranged meet up at a hotel but the hotel receptionists overly diligent behaviour is hilarious.

How and If to Continue By Rebel’s Notes

I didn’t think I was going to be able to include this post this time as Rebel’s site sadly got infected with malware BUT happily she has managed to fix and is fully operational again. However to any of you that has a website please do make sure you are running Wordfence or something like it to help keep you safe.

Part of Rebel’s post is about a subject I have given serious thought to and that is what happens to my work here if I die. I have not put anything in place as yet but I do know that I would not want it to disappear.

By Sheer Force by Cara Thereon

I totally understand the conflict that comes from being turned on by force and how even hinting at those desires can be scary let alone writing about them. Setting aside the race aspect of her post I strongly identify with many of the other things she mentions


T is for Tail by Submiss34f

And what a sexy ass and tail it is too. Both these images are gorgeous but I have a particular love for the 1st one. There is something insanely sexy about the way it is wrapped up over her bottom and onto her back.

A Glimpse of Lace by Accidental Masturbator

Men in panties is not really my thing and yet I find this image really rather sexy. Yes there are fly button jeans which are sexy any time but the contrast between them and the glimpse of lace is very provocative.

Introducing by Teachers Have Sex

I love how they are framed in the centre of the image and the way they are wrapped around each other and her hair is falling down over their shoulders, it is all just so sensual and intimate.

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