Trolling the Net #60

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Welcome to Trolling the Net 60 and can you believe we are already in May? It is true what they say about time speeding up the older you get.


Letters and Lonely Hearts by Sex Matters

I like all sorts of erotic fiction but I have a special place in my ummm heart, yes lets call it that, for erotic fiction that has a dark or sinister aspect to it. I am not going to tell you any more as I don’t want to give it away if you have not read it, but the ending made me make a little squeaking noise.

Shhh … it’s a post about sex and Parkinson’s by Pete Langman

Much of the main stream media would have you believe that sex and dating are the business of the young and beautiful but we all know that is true and anything that challenges that narrative is a good thing. This lovely piece deals with ones man’s experience of sex, dating and Parkinson’s Disease.

A medical experiment where I get fucked by Tits and Test Tubes

Soooo much of this ticks my medical play boxes. Being strapped down, the medical gloves, the inspection…. all made me a bit hot and bothered.

Xebec by Mrs Fever

I think it can be hard to write about dreams and have it make sense and still capture that dream-like quality but Mrs Fever does it beautifully here with sleep induced thoughts of pirate men.


Sunday Selfie Redux by Wriggly Kitty

MFM threesomes are very hot in my opinion and this image captures something of the decadent nature of being the women between two men.

Hidden in Plain Sight by Prick your Finger

The viewpoint this image is taken from is fabulous and the key tantalizing set inside the lock hints is a wicked touch but it is her beautiful smile that is just leaps out of this image at me that I find utterly captivating.

A Strong Confident Woman by A Leap of Faith

And indeed she is that and beautiful with it too. I love how the sunlight is dappled across her skin and how strong and bold she looks in this shot.

Hotter than Fire by Sexilicious Ash

This is so fucking hot to me. Outdoor sex is hot and there is something about the fire, the way they are dressed up warm and how he is looking down at her with that tender touch of his hand that I find a huge turn on.

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May More May 5, 2018 - 1:01 pm

Thank you for including me Molly – the funny thing about that story is the storyline came to me in a flash after a dream i had. x

pete langman May 6, 2018 - 12:09 am

Hi Molly, I’m glad you enjoyed my piece … it’s good to see this going outside of my usual audience. It’s an unacknowledged issue that can cause all manner of trouble.

Molly Moore May 6, 2018 - 1:12 pm

You are most welcome. I actually found it through Kristina Lloyd’s twitter and really wanted to share it with people.


The_barefoot_sub May 11, 2018 - 6:11 pm

Thank you so much for including my #sinfulsunday submission.

I am now off to check out the other posts on here.


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